Smiley Season 2 Release Date Announced on Netflix?

The fans were looking forward to Smiley season 2 as the show’s first season wholly enamored them and was a complete hit.

The plot of the show follows two people, Alex and Bruno. Alex has just gotten out of a messy, rough breakup with his boyfriend. Filled with anger because he got ghosted, he sends his ex-boyfriend a nasty voicemail and says the meanest things. Unfortunately for him, the voicemail gets delivered to the wrong person, Bruno. This innocent misdirection develops into something new as the two meet, and feelings and emotions get involved. The story revolves around something other than these two. But also their friends around them and their navigation through life in Barcelona.

Smiley Season 2 Release Date Announced on Netflix
Smiley Season 2 Release Date Announced on Netflix

Smiley Season 2’s Release Date

For now, Netflix is yet to announce a release date for the addition to the hit show Smiley Season 2. Realistically, there will likely be a second season to the front, and the chances of one are pretty slim. This can be accredited to the fact that the show is based on a play by Guillem Clua and the first season completely encapsulates the whole plot of the play, leaving nothing behind for another season. The show also has a pretty nice ending that makes sense as the couple gets together. This points towards the chances of a second season being very bleak.

However, if there is to be a second season, it can be expected to release around December 2023 because the show’s theme revolves around the festive season of Christmas.

Speculated Plot for Season 2

Much cannot be said about what season 2 might give the viewers and fans once it releases. This is because the first season ended on a good note. The first season’s ending was almost like a complete ending, with Alex and Bruno getting past all the obstacles and finally establishing themselves in a proper relationship. Moreover, the romantic comedy is based on a play by Guillem Clua. Because the first season was wholly based on space, there is little that the show writers can elaborate on further or take away from the play to recreate on film.

However, if there is a possibility of a new season, it will most likely be in the timeline of the same festive season. This means it will follow Alex and Bruno one year into their relationship as Christmas was when they got together. The writers can expand on what their relationship looks like a year later and what obstacles they might be facing. Furthermore, they can show the viewers how their relationship has evolved and helped them grow.

Smiley Season 2 Cast

The cast for the show Smiley has received a lot of love from its fans and viewers. And rightfully so! The main couple, played by Carlos and Miki, had stolen the viewers’ hearts entirely with the constant push-and-pull in their relationship, even before they got together. If we do get another season (and fingers crossed that we do), here are some of the cast members we can expect to see a return to the screen:

  • Carlos Cuevas as Àlex
  • Miki Esparbé as Bruno Merino
  • Pepón Nieto as Javier / Keena Mandrah
  • Meritxell Calvo [es] as Verónica “Vero”
  • Eduardo Lloveras as Albert
  • Ruth Llopis as Núria
  • Maria Isabel Diaz Lago as Yessenia
  • Giannina Frugtero as Patri
  • Ramon Pujal as Ramon

There are also, however, chances that the character played by Ibra Ndiongue as Cedrick Mugisha might not return for the show’s second season. This is because (spoiler alert!) at the end of the first season Carlos Curvas as Alex, leaves him alone at the airport.

Smiley Season 2 Trailer

To our dismay, no trailer has been released. Because there has yet to be an announcement regarding the release date for a second show season. The show’s makers have not given the viewers any snippet of an upcoming second season. However, the fans can rewatch the first season if they thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic of both Alex and Bruno and are looking for more.


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