Shannon Sharpe Contract Undisputed: Will He Quit the Show?

Shannon Sharpe, the Fox Sports host, was missing from Undisputed; he co-hosts with Bayless. Does Shannon Sharpe Contract have to do with his missing appearance from the FS1 season? Also, there is controversy surrounding this entire scenario. Everything started because of the tweet that Bayless made.

Shannon Sharpe Contract Undisputed Will He Quit the Show
Shannon Sharpe Contract Undisputed Will He Quit the Show

Recently, Damar Hamlin had a medical emergency when he collapsed on the field. Bayless ended up tweeting that the NFL would postpone the resort of the game. He further added, how is it even possible to cancel the game at this point when it is such a crucial part of the season? Lastly, he noted that everything suddenly looks so irrelevant. This tweet could have gone better for many. 

Shannon Sharpe Contract Undisputed: Will He Quit The Show?

After the event, in the next episode, Sharpe was missing from the show. It was not a surprise to Bayless, who stated the same but confirmed Sharpe would make an appearance the next day. According to reports, the relationship between Sharpe and Bayless has deteriorated over time, and no, it has nothing to do with the Shannon Sharpe Contract. It is because of personal differences.

As discussed above, Bayless’ tweet did not go well with many, including Shannon Sharpe. When Sharpe returned in the next episode, to the horror of the fans, Bayless did not allow Sharpe to speak without interrupting him. What followed was quite a drama. 

Firstly, Sharpe told Bayless that he disagreed with his tweet. Then Bayless interrupted him by stating that he stood by his tweet. This frustrated Sharpe, who ended up throwing his pen down. He complained that Bayless did not even let him speak without interrupting him. It was awkward for many. 

However, the query regarding Shannon Sharpe Contract is not because of this entire controversy. It is about Shannon Sharpe Contract with Fox Sports. Let us now dive into the next. 

A Look At Shannon Sharpe Contract

Previously, Shannon Sharpe Contract with Fox Sports ended in July 20921 for “Skip & Shannon: Undisputed.” There was curiosity about whether the Shannon Sharpe Contract would be renewed. The query arose from Sharpe only earning half of their annual salary Bayless in the show. Because Sharpe has become an important figure in the front and is right now very popular, the fans thought it would only be fair to renew Shannon Sharpe Contract with Fox Stars with a salary that is at par with Bayless. 

This is fair because Sharpe is quite an active social media influencer if we count both active and retired players of the NFL. Currently, he has over 1.9 million Instagram followers and over 1.4 million followers on Twitter. With Shannon Sharpe back with the show, we know the Shannon Sharpe Contract is renewed. However, we need further details about the Shannon Sharpe Contract. 

Will Shannon Sharpe Quit The Show?

There is currently no news regarding Shannon Sharpe quitting the show. Undoubtedly, Undisputed made Sharpe a popular figure. As his popularity rose, the tension between the co-hosts became quite visible. Furthermore, there a leaked report was making rounds stating FOX and ESPN were figuring out ways for the co-hosts in a way that could prove beneficial for both outlets. 

Even if Sharpe quits the show because of the recent development, he will still have plenty of options. For instance, Club Shay Shay, a podcast, is already out there. It is a venture of FOX and Sharpe. The podcast experienced viral content numerous times, thanks to Sharpe’s perspective. Also, with Sharpe’s current popularity, many new opportunities are already waiting for him. 

What Would It Mean For FS1 If Shannon Sharpe Quit The Show? 

In simple words, it means bad business. FS1 will surely suffer if Sharpe ends up quitting the show. There is a reason why the Shannon Sharpe Contract was renewed. His current popularity is so high that he can quickly join other shows. Only time will tell what is in store for the front and Sharpe.

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