Brown University Graduate Named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Pierre Lipton, Passes Away at 26: Check Pierre Lipton Cause of Death

News about Pierre Lipton cause of death has shocked the people since he was one of the emerging businessmen of the 21st century. Pierre Lipton of Providence, Rhode Island, crossed the finish line of the Meza Marathon in 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 5 seconds on 4th February 2023 before he passed away. A day that was supposed to be for celebrating his new achievement turned out to be the last day of his life. Eleanor Pereboom, his girlfriend, also participated in the marathon and was heartbroken after discovering the news. She has been wondering about Pierre Lipton cause of death as her boyfriend was an avid runner and a trained marathon runner.

The 26-year-old Brown graduate was a successful co-founder of the company 1440 Media. He was on the prestigious list of Forbes 30 Under 30. However, his passion for running always motivated him to stay fit. Naturally, the family and loved ones are waiting to find out about Pierre Lipton cause of death since he always followed a strict routine.

So, did the authorities reveal the details about Pierre Lipton cause of death?

What Was Pierre Lipton Cause Of Death?

Pierre Lipton cause of death is unknown. There are speculations that his death may be of a “heart condition caused by electrolyte imbalance.” Jordan Lipton, the father of the late businessman, theorized what might have gone wrong after the marathon. He is an emergency medicine specialist and said that his son’s body probably had a ‘sudden electrolyte imbalance that caused arrhythmia.’ This condition may have resulted in an irregular heartbeat and might have become Pierre Lipton cause of death. The authorities are yet to confirm the theory and other details of the sudden demise.

What Happened During The Meza Marathon Event?

Pierre Lipton’s cause of death makes people wonder what went wrong during the event. A few minutes after completing the marathon, he collapsed into the arms of paramedics, which led everyone to investigate more about Pierre Lipton cause of death.

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As mentioned earlier, Pierre had completed the Meza Marathon in a recorded time and 15 minutes before his girlfriend crossed the finish line. Pereboom was under the impression that Pierre was celebrating his new personal best achievement. So, she chugged a bottle of water and started looking for Lipton. Later, she dropped him a text to learn about his whereabouts. But when he was not responding, Eleanor used a phone tracker to see Pierre’s location.

Brown University Graduate Named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Pierre Lipton, Passes Away at 26: Check Pierre Lipton Cause of Death
Brown University Graduate Named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Pierre Lipton, Passes Away at 26: Check Pierre Lipton Cause of Death

When his location was shown at a hospital, Eleanor understood something was wrong. Elenor soon rushed to talk to an official who informed her that they gave him CPR and tried their best. But the team is unsure about what happened later. Pierre was brought to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Things went wrong within those 15 minutes, making everyone speculate about Pierre Lipton cause of death.

Pierre Lipton Followed A Fitness Routine

The suspicions regarding Pierre Lipton cause of death came after details about his fitness routines were out. Jordan Lipton assured that his son was careful about his health. He always dreamt of competing in all the major marathons. That is why he made sure to prepare for the event. Pierre avoided caffeine and alcohol intake to stay fit. He would shake his arms, check his posture, relax his shoulders, and smile while running.

Moreover, the temperature was favorable on 4th February. Pierre did not show any signs of distress or illness, which could have hinted at Pierre Lipton cause of death. He appeared to be relaxing even before collapsing.

Pereboom’s last memory with Pierre was their last kiss before the race began. Sadly he is no longer amongst us. The marathon runner had a beautiful life ahead, but his journey ended early. We pray that his family stays strong amidst this loss.

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