Now You Can Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

The social networking app WhatsApp. Which allow users to chat and share images and video has introduced a new feature for the users. Now the users can easily Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story or on their Instagram news feed. The social networking app keeps adding new user friendly features.

The fresh introduced feature was tested since July this year. And it seems the testing of new feature has gone perfectly. Thats why they have rolled out the features for their users by official update.

On this update there are no official words. But several users on twitter noticed arrival of this feature. Before the official announcement, WhatsApp has build a FAQ page on their website. Which is guiding the steps to users to Share Status to Facebook Story and on other apps.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story?

We also got the pleasure to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story on Android OS based smartphone with version 2.19.258 of the app in India. But WhatsApp for iPhone yet to receive this update. Suggesting this is a limited roll out just like the calling feature which wasn’t rolled our for everyone initially.

After updating the app, if you happen to be a lucky WhatsApp for android user. You will be able to see a “Share to Facebook Story” option under “My status” in the Status tab, with a share button right next to it.

Tap on the share button and a share tray will pop out. This tray will show you the available app on that you can Share WhatsApp Status with. While make a tap on “Share to Facebook Story” will present the Facebook App icon. When you tap on the icon, Facebook app will open and then you can Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story.

This new feature allow its users to share photos as well as video That vanish after 24 hours to their Facebook story. This update isn’t limited here, as this feature is just not bounding you to just Share Status to Facebook Story only. This update allow users to share their moments  Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos as well. All you need to do is just get an account there to start sharing.

There is a point where this feature lack, because when we share something from one WhatsApp chat to another chat. you’ll will notice that these are protected with end-to-end encryption. But when you share WhatsApp status on Facebook story that won’t be protected with end-to-end encryption. And Share to Facebook Story feature will only work if you have Facebook for IOS, Facebook for Android or Facebook lite on your smartphone.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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