Milk Crate Challenge- Doctors says No to Challenge

Milk Crate Challenge is the most recent challenge that has created a frenzy on the Internet. And experts are totally against it! From rapper Snoop Dogg referring to it as a death bridge to the FDA prohibiting people to try it out, it seems like every sane person in the world would ask people not to give this challenge a try.

What is the Milk Crate Challenge?

The challenge tests your stability, stamina, and luck. It also tests your will to try out something so dangerous that you might just break a leg or neck. It involves a person daring enough to stack a couple of milk crates in the form of a pyramid. Then, the person climbs to the top of the milk crates one by one. After reaching the top, the person climbs back down from the other side.

This challenge is being done by thousands of people and there are many videos on social media to prove it. And more and more people are following the trend daily. After all, the videos of people doing the Milk Crate Challenge are getting millions of views. 

Milk Crate Challenge

Now, there are people who have done the #milkcratechallenge successfully. But, in comparison to the number of people that have failed, the passing ratio is hardly there. Moreover, every time a person falls in between the challenge, they either fall  on the rest of the milk crates or to the ground (ouch). Where they fall doesn’t matter as compared to the injuries that they get. 

Referring to the kinds of injuries that people who are failing at milk crate challenge suffer from, Dr Shawn Anthony has said:

“It’s perhaps even worse than falling from a ladder. It’s very difficult to brace yourself from the falls I’ve seen in these videos. They’re putting their joints at an even higher risk for injury.”

In fact, if you just search the hashtag on your twitter, Instagram or tiktok (mostly here), you will find lots of videos with people falling down. And just by the look of their fall, you can understand that they need a visit to the emergency immediately.

Dr Rajwinder Deu has also spoken about the injuries saying:

“This challenge doesn’t make any sense safety-wise.”

He has also said:

“Everything depends on your fall, what angle you fall and what part of your body hits the ground first.” 

What does the FDA have to say about this?

The Food and Drug Administration has made a comment about the milk crate challenge in a sort of reply to comedian Conan O Brien. They tweeted:

:“Although we regulate milk, we can’t recommend you try that. Perhaps enjoy a nice glass of 2% and return all those crates to the grocery store?”

Milk Crate Challenge

What do the doctors have to say about this?

Doctors are completely against the milk crate challenge as it results in elective injuries which they are not looking forward to at all. At a time where doctors already have their work cut out for them (thanks to covid 19), doctors are advising everyone to stay away from this challenge and not to try it out. So that they can save themselves a visit to the hospital.

Dr Shawn Anthony has asked people to help doctors in this time of the pandemic by not taking part in the challenge and saving yourself from a visit at the hospital. He has said:

“Everyone needs to do their part in supporting first responders and health-care providers, and that involves not partaking in challenges like this one that are putting additional strain on the system.” 

Tiktok has banned searching for #cratechallenge. They have also said that they do not support such activities that can cause harm. 

Overall there’s no doubt that it’s fun to watch the milk crate challenge. But it is also stupid to try it out and risk your life. So, it’s best if the trend comes to a halt as soon as possible. For now, this is everything about the milk crate challenge.

Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam is a final year medical student. You will often find her in a corner binge watching a show on Netflix or reading the latest gossip when she is not busy in the hospital or going through her books.

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