Maratha Farmers Long March to Azad Maidan, Mumbai: What are their demands?

With sunrise in Mumbai city, people living their saw a long red train marching on the street. They are the food producer of the country – the farmers. They are in the city to protest against Maharashtra government and to reminiscence PM Modi of his promises. The thousands of farmers and tribals have a max 40 hours of an overnight walk. They covered the distance of 180 km to reach Mumbai from Nashik.

The 10 demands of Farmers:

  • Farmers want Maharashtra Government that it should exempt their debt and have apology towards their indebtedness.
  • The dues and bills of power and electricity provided for farming should be absolved.
  • The farmers should get an appropriate value of the harvest. Moreover, the price should get move to 1.5 times of the yield.
  • They are demanding to applicable the recommendations under Dr Swaminathan commission, Forest Right Act 2008.
  • Farmers which work only through Animal Husbandry should get milk prices of 40 per liter.
  • The compensation of 40000 per hectare on the yield which has been destroy by the fall of hailstones to be received by the peasants.
  • The land which has been cultivated by tribal farmers should be given to them. Since, they are working with hard struggle and sweating.
  • The areas lying in the borderline of Maharashtra and also the countryside must have good and appropriate supply and system of irrigation.
  • Forest Right Act 2008 should be applicable.
  • Last but an important one is that old and aged farmers have benefit in form of the pension which should be applicable soon.

    JJ flyover, Kisan Long March (5:00 AM)
    JJ flyover @5:00 AM

All the farmers are organized under All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS). The committee has been formed by Chief Minister Mr. Fadnavis with his cabinet ministers that will find a solution to this big problem of the grain growers. The committee comprises Agriculture Minister Pandurang Phundkar, Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil, Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan, Cooperation Minister Subhash Deshmukh, Tribal Affairs Minister Vishnu Savra,  and Public Works Minister Eknath Shinde. Meanwhile, the peasants are having their requisitions.



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