The mystery case of Herlock Sholmes in Lupin 2

Lupin was an immediate hit on Netflix. In fact, it was loved by viewers to such an extent that it broke Bridgerton’s record and became the number 1 show on Netflix. With Lupin season 2 hitting Netflix on Friday, fans are more excited than ever to binge-watch the show and find out what happens in it. One particular situation which we can’t wait to watch and know more about is the mystery case of Herlock Sholmes in Lupin 2. 

Lupin 2

We’ve all heard of Sherlock Holmes but who is Herlock Sholmes? Well, the story behind his existence is very funny. Due to copyright reasons, the producers couldn’t exactly use the name, Sherlock Holmes. So, they decided to make some changes to the name and use it in the series. 

Arthur Conan Doyle is the genius behind the creation of the world’s most famous detective in 1891, Sherlock Holmes. His stories were translated into French and received immense popularity. Maurice Leblanc took inspiration from these stories and created his own character, Arsene Lupin- a gentleman burglar. In his stories, Leblanc makes use of Sherlock Holmes’ character when a man approaches him suspecting that Lupin is about to rob him. Holmes runs into Lupin who ends up stealing his watch. Before things could proceed much further, Conan and his lawyers made a call to Leblanc. And asked him to stop or they’d sue him for copyrights. So what does Leblanc do instead of abandoning his story? He simply changes Sherlock Holmes’ name to Herlock Sholmes and carries on with his story! 


Now, the question that we are all curious about is whether this new season will feature Sherlock Holmes or Herlock Sholmes. We do think that Netflix will follow the source material and hire an imitator of Benedict Cumberbatch and name him Herlock Holmes.