Lil BO WEEP – Who was she and How she Died?

Today, the headlines are all about the death of Lil BO WEEP, the famous SoundCloud Musician. Lil BO WEEP is known for her hip-hop, Lo-Fi and emo genres. At just the age of 24, she took her last breath. Lil BO WEEP was not only popular on SoundCloud but also on YouTube too. She is known for her famous songs like Sorry, I Wrote This Song 4 You, Codependency and Can Not Fight Away My Hell. The shocking news of her death has rocked the hip hop world. 

Who Was Lil BO WEEP?


Lil BO WEEP was a famous artist of SoundCloud who was very popular amongst the fans of Lo-Fi and the hip-Hop genre. Born on 2nd January 2000, she was 24 years old at the time of her death. She sails from Adelaide, Australia. Winona Brooks was her real name and she was also famously known as Unaloon in the art world because of her personality. She started her journey as a musician at a very young age and was then popular as the moniker. Later, she started her YouTube channel which at present, has around 122 thousand subscribers. In addition to that, she was also extremely famous on TikTok and Instagram. Therefore, it is not surprising that the internet is caught by storm since the news of her death started making rounds. 

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How Did Lil BO WEEP Die?

After the news of her death surfaced on the internet, the fans have been waiting to know the cause of her death. However, the cause behind the tragic death of Lil BO WEEP is still not known. Her father has commented on her death that she had fought hard against her demons. After her death, her father also shared a picture of the two and wrote, “Beautiful Winona Lisa Green 02/01/2000 to 05/03.2022. 

Her father said that she was suffering from trauma, depression, PTSD and drug addiction. He further went ahead to say that they have been fighting for her since they got her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT. He said that she fought hard against her demons and they have been trying to fix her broken pieces but then she could not fight anymore and they lost her. 

Her father also said that he is proud to be her father and that she is his hero, daughter and best friend and that he loves her very much. Her current is no longer hurting and the universe has taken their angel back. He further added that he has lost a big part of his life at this moment and therefore, he is requesting all his close friends not give him a call right away and he needs time to heal. 

Lil BO WEEP has been struggling with mental health issues for quite some time and it is believed that her mental health issues have contributed to her death. However, the exact cause of her death is still not confirmed by any sources. 

The Many Names Of Lil BO WEEP

The original name of Lil BO WEEP was Winona Lisa Green. However, through her musical journey, she earned many names. She was often referred to as Unaloon, which was her stage name too. In addition to that, she was also popularly known as Lil BO WEEP. At her young age, she was popularly known as a moniker and during her early day fame in school, she was popularly known as Cheyenne Green. 

Lil BO WEEP’s death has brought again in headlines the importance of mental health issues. Even though mental health issues are still a taboo topic, it is important to take it seriously to avoid such tragic deaths. 

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