Larry Allen, Dallas cowboys player died suddenly aged 52

The 52-year-old legendary Larry Allen, a Dallas Cowboys player, died suddenly, marking a great loss to the Cowboys as they lost their top-tier player of all time. Larry was known as one of the best offensive linemen to have ever played in the history of the NFL.

Larry Allen was loved by many; the Dallas Cowboys player died on Sunday, June 2nd while vacationing with his family in Mexico, as announced by the Cowboys team on Monday. His sudden death at such an early age has left all his friends, fans, and family in shock.

Famous Dallas Cowboys player died suddenly, but what caused his death?

Larry Allen Died at 52

There has been no official announcement about his cause of death other than the sudden nature of it. The Cowboys team only reported that the 52-year-old Dallas Cowboys player died when he was with his family on a vacation in Mexico on Sunday; that’s all we know so far. Arrangements for the memorial service and details will be announced soon, they said.

Dallas Cowboys team announced the disheartening news of his death by saying:

 “The Dallas Cowboys are very saddened to share that Cowboys legend, Super Bowl Champion, Cowboys Ring of Honor member, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Larry Allen passed away suddenly while on vacation in Mexico with his family on Sunday. Larry, known for his great athleticism and incredible strength, was one of the most respected, accomplished offensive linemen to ever play in the NFL. His versatility and dependability were also signature parts of his career. Through that, he continued to serve as an inspiration for many other players, defining what it meant to be a great teammate, competitor, and winner.

He was deeply loved and cared for by his wife, Janelle, whom he referred to as his heart and soul, his daughters Jayla and Loriana, and his son, Larry III.

The Jones family and the Cowboys extend their deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the Allen family. They grieve along with the many other friends and Cowboys teammates who also loved Larry.

Memorial service arrangements and details will be announced in the near future.”

Legendary Dallas cowboy player died, leaving behind a tonne of accomplishments to be admired.

Before the famous Dallas Cowboys player died, he was a guard in the NFL for a good 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. He was selected by the Cowboys in the second round of the 1994 NFL draft. He is famous for making 11 pro bowls, including his last as a 49er in 2006. He also bagged the Dallas cowboy’s ring of honor alongside being a Superbowl champion. He was also named All-Pro seven times, six times at guard (1995–1997, 1999–2001) and once at tackle (1998).

He was also one of the only three players in the league’s history to be inducted into the pro bowl at more than one offensive line position during his career. In his 11 seasons in Dallas, he played almost all of the positions except for one along the offensive line, moving between right tackle (1994), right guard (1995–1997), left tackle (1997–1998), and left guard (1999–2003).

It’s deeply saddening that the famous Dallas Cowboys player died at such a young age. One could easily call him superhuman based on what he could do as an offensive lineman. It often defied logic and comprehension, as reported by the Hall of Fame: “The National Football League is filled with gifted athletes, but only a rare few have combined the size, brute strength, speed and agility of Larry Allen,”

Physical strength and agility were Allen’s strong suit

Larry Allen Died at 52

A beloved Dallas Cowboys player died as a strong man. He is also widely known for being one of the physically strongest players to have ever played in the NFL. He was 6 ft 3 in height and weighed 147 kg. Allen is known to have bench-pressed 700 pounds as well, this depicts an undoubtedly admirable physical strength. He was also feared because of his large size, and people tiptoed their way around him due to his intimidating aura, but his personality was quite the opposite. However, physical strength was not his only strong suit, he was also admired for his great sense of speed which made him outstand in his game.

Larry was not as intimidating as he looked

Larry Allen Dallas cowboys Died

“A quiet gentle giant”, Cowboy legend Allen, although physically strong, was known to be the quiet one most of the time. As reported by Nate Newton, one of Allen’s mentors on Dallas’ offensive line, he told The Associated Press for its Hall of Fame story on Allen 11 years ago saying: “He never said nothin”, “Every now and then you’d hear him utter a cuss word or hear him laugh that old funny laugh he had.”

“He could literally beat the will out of his opponents, with many quitting midgame or not dressing at all rather than face him, but that was only on the field,” the Hall of Fame said. “Off it, he was a quiet, gentle giant.”

He was a kind person by nature, he never refused to strike a pose for his fan’s pictures or sign autographs for them.

Larry’s personal life was as good as professional

Larry Allen Dallas cowboys Died

He shared a very strong bond with his mother, who unfortunately passed away a year before he entered the Hall of Fame. Being the quiet one Allen was, he shared how his mother used to give him confidence whenever he felt nervous before a big game. He said, “I miss her. Whenever I’d get nervous or had a big game and got nervous, I’d give her a call, and she’d start making me laugh.”

Allen retired after spending his final two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. During this time, he was close to his home, and later, he retired to a quiet life with his family, including his wife and three kids, in Northern California. The Beloved Dallas Cowboys player died, leaving his wife and kids in utter shock while they were vacationing with him.


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