James Michael Tyler, Who Played Gunther on ‘friends,’ Dies at 59

The Friend’s family is mourning one of its own. James Michael Tyler, who starred on the iconic sitcom as Central Park’s Barista, Gunther, passed away Sunday morning following a battle with prostate cancer. The actor was 59 years old.

Gunther’s character in Friends was undeniably loved by fans making the news all the more disturbing. The entire world is grieving over the big loss. The sweet character of Gunther had won the affection of millions leaving people with heavy hearts, dismayed at the news of his death.

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Tyler’s Journey in the Tv Show, Friends:

Tyler was well known for his character on Friends TV show as Gunther, who had a secret crush on Rachel. He first appeared in the second episode of the Friends TV show as the background character.

One of the fellow artists mentioned that he was a kind spirit and when he joined the friend’s cast as an extra, he caught our eye and we decided to make him one of the main characters.

James Michael

He Wasn’t Just an Actor:

A spokesperson from the actor confirmed the passing in a statement to NBC news honoring the personal and professional legacy he sadly leaves behind saying in a part quote that he was known by his loved ones as a loving husband and an actor, musician, and cancer awareness advocate.

He made a friend out of everyone he met. To the world, he was the seventh friend on the hit series but to his family, he was much more.

His Appearance on Friends Reunion:

James Michael Tyler made an appearance at the HBO max friends’ reunion via video conference. During the reunion, he mentioned that it was bittersweet for him. HE was very happy to be a part of the reunion.

Not attending the reunion in person was his own decision as he did not want to bring down the energy because of him. He later remarked, “Oh, by the way, Gunther has cancer!” These words have crushed the souls of everyone present and all the fans out there in the world watching the reunion.

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Weeks after remotely appearing on HBO max Friends Reunion Tyler went public with his condition. During an interview held in June on TODAY revealed that he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 and had to term with the illness’s progression. While in the interview he said that cancer was probably going to get him as it was the last stage.

These words saddened fans all over the world. He further said that his goal this past year was to see his 59th birthday and he did that. Now he wished to save one life.

James’ Battle With Cancer:

Prostate cancer is the cancer of the prostate which is the walnut-sized gland in men. Recent research shows that it is one of the most common and second leading cancer-causing death among men.

James Michael Tyler’s death follows a three-year battle with prostate cancer. A statement from the spokesperson of James says that the actor died peacefully at his home on Sunday. James passed away leaving his wife Jennifer Carno behind.

The couple tied the knot in 2017.  He was previously married to Barbra Chatsy. From the actor’s rep, he became an activist for the awareness of prostate cancer while undergoing treatment.

Prominent Personalities and media pages expressed deepest condolences over this great loss.

Warner bros. From the official account of Twitter tweeted 

“Warner Bros. Television mourns the loss of James Michael Tyler, a beloved actor and integral part of our FRIENDS family,”

Apart from FRIENDS he also appeared in Sabrina the teenage witch, Scrubs and Modern Music. While he was battling cancer, he was working in two short films,” The Gesture and the word” and “Processing”.

This year we lost a gem in the form of James Michael Tyler. Our heart goes out to his wife Jennifer Carno. All-time favorite Gunter will remain alive in our hearts forever!

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.

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