Little Nightmares 2 Chess Puzzle – Here is how to Solve it

Little Nightmares 2 is a top-rated puzzle game of the gaming universe. It combines a perfect amount of cute and creepy to create a uniquely terrifying game. Its unusual horrific situations have players hooked on it ever since its release in mid-February. Little Nightmares 2 offers lots of twists and turns; little Nightmares 2 Chess Puzzle is a quintessential example of suspense-filled adventures that can keep you on the edge of your seat at all times!

Being a Little Nightmares 2 fan, you know that it requires you to solve puzzles to move ahead; you’ll need to help Mono. Mono is a young boy armed with almost nothing to survive spine chilling situations and escape from Pale City with his guide Six.

Almost at every moment, it will give you several puzzles rivet with varying levels of difficulty. One particular dilemma that most users get stuck on is the Chess Puzzle. Little Nightmares 2 Chess Puzzle complex creepy riddle that you will encounter during the second chapter. Solving it is essential to move ahead and reach a grand finale. So, keep on reading to find an easy to follow guide on how to solve Little Nightmares 2 Chess puzzle.

How to Solve Little Nightmares 2 Chess Puzzle?

Once you’ve fought off ravenous porcelain children and escaped from clutches of horrifying teachers, you’ll need to make your way by solving Chess puzzle that will unlock a door to access School’s first floor.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a chess expert to solve it. All you need to do is arrange all missing tops of chess pieces in the correct order. You will find these chess pieces with missing tops after going upstairs leading to the second floor’s right-hand side.

Once you reach there, you will see a rook chess piece and a closed door. Place it on its body to create a platform that you can stand on to jump and reach the handle to open the door (Check the body and it’s surroundings to top)

Upon entering, you’ll see a nightmare-inducing chessboard with chess pieces without tops. You will also see a student tied to a centrepiece. It would be best if you placed chess pieces’ tops in correct order to complete this mysterious puzzle.

Check Chessboard

You will see a desk that has a missing top of king piece. To get this top, place rook’s top piece that you used to gain entry inside the room on chess piece available underneath the table. Jump on top of the rook head to get to the desk.

Now that you have the top of king chess piece move to far right of the room to find a queen piece’s top. It will be placed on the table close to window. You will need to jump on top of the table to get your hands on top. Then, carry it back to the chessboard.

Once you have these tops, you will need to figure out which order to place them in.

To know this, interact with large map that has a red eye on it. It will be hanging on the right side of room. Grab its bottom to discover the solution of puzzle. Arrange all three tops based on the map’s explanation; place the Queen top on the top left of the board, the Castle top on the bottom left, and the King top in the centre. Once you have successfully put them in the correct order, a light will turn on over the table on the right side.

Grab this lamp to pull it down. It will split the bookshelf to reveal another room with a key that is kept on a chair. Take the key and head back down to the first floor to solve some more thrilling new puzzles!

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