How Technology Is Evolving the Music Industry

It’s no surprise that technology is improving almost every industry in our societies. There are some reasons why people aren’t happy with technological advancements in music. For instance, far fewer artists are releasing their music onto a hard copy CD in our digital world.

But there are also many reasons music is even better than before because of technology. Let’s find out why.

Production of Musical Instruments

New musical instruments are being, and have been, invented in the wake of technological growth. We’re not saying that classic percussion and the like are a thing of the past, but the pool of instruments is growing at an exciting rate.

We’re seeing a shift in studio tech from analog to digital. The best drum mics are thought to be digital. Digital microphones usually have improved sound quality if you’re weighing the pros and cons from a dynamic and frequency perspective.

Essentially, computers have made the production process much faster in comparison to hours working on analog equipment in a studio.

How Technology Is Evolving the Music Industry
How Technology Is Evolving the Music Industry

A New Sound

During the production process, tech is also making advancements in the actual type of sound we hear in music. There is a growing popularity in the electronic genre, which simply would not exist without, well… electronics!

This evolution has also made music creation more accessible.


Thanks to the evolution of high-speed data transfers and the capacity of the internet, music production and streaming are easier to access for everyone.

This means creators can connect with fellow musicians and the like internationally. The freedom and accessibility of music make the idea of collaboration exciting. Advice and knowledge are shared more widely, and communities that listen to specific genres can connect with like-minded individuals.

Technology also makes music more accessible to those who aren’t as financially fortunate. Buying individual instruments can set you back, especially enough to create the same ensemble as a band.

Simple Promotion

The avenues to promote music are fewer these days. Not long ago, you would have the physical side of promotion, like CDs, tours, meet and greets as well as signings and guest appearances. Then you had the visual side of PR, like the music video, merchandise, and photo shoots.

In today’s era of PR, granted you still need to funnel money into a lot of those avenues, the absence of merchandise and CD manufacturing is saving upcoming artists a lot of money. Outsourced PR today could cost from $3000 to $5000.

Marketing is also more accessible to the average Joe wanting to start a career from their bedroom. Social media is free to a certain extent, and when lots of us use social media as a platform for entertainment, you can see a big focus from PR agencies on social media content.

With the average person spending around 2 hours and 24 minutes using social media platforms every day, advertising on social networks is a no-brainer.

The Future of Music

No doubt technology will continue to advance how we listen, share and enjoy music.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.