How to craft the hot tub in Valheim?

Valhiem recently received its latest and biggest update called Hearth And Home. The new update features lots of cooking and building changes. From sturdy shingle roofs to enormous stone thrones to new gardening techniques, the Hearth and Home update cover it all. One particular item that has caught the attention of players is the Hot Tub in Valheim . The tub aims to increase the overall comfort level of houses while increasing players Resting Buff. So how does one get their hands on this health-boosting tub? Is it easy to make? Who can use it? Keep on reading to find out all about how to craft the Hot Tub in Valhiem along with some exclusive details about this miraculous new addition. 

Valhiem Hot Tub

The hot tub basically consist of a warm water tub that players can place in their homes. Then, any individual who wants to rest in the house can take a dip in it. Doing so will give them a resting buff. It will help players in regenerating their health and stamina. 

hot tub in Valheim

Crafting the Hot Tub in Valheim

The following items are required for crafting a hot tub in Valheim

20 Wood

10 Iron

8 Stone

6 Tar

The Swamp Crypts contain Iron. A key is required by players for searching this area. They must kill the Elder to get the Key. Upon acquiring the Key, players must destroy all dirty piles to release chunks of iron. These chunky iron pieces are broken down in forges to give pure iron. 

Finding tar is a bit more harder than getting other materials. Only the pits located in the plains contain it. These pits contain dangerous creatures called growths. If players don’t take precautions, they may get injected with the growths poison which can considerably slow them down. 

Stone can easily be found almost everywhere using a pickaxe. Trees contain lots of wood so players can get it from there. 

Where should players place it? 

Players cant just place the hot tub anywhere they want. In fact, the hot tub is quite similar to a fireplace. The fire’s smoke can fill up the house if it isn’t made in the right spot. Similarly, the smoke from the hot tub can be deadly. Hence, players need to place it in a place where they’re in an outlet for the smoke to escape. 

Once the Hot Tub is ready, players can go for a dip and restore their health and stamina bars!


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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