New Pictures of Hareem Shah marriage with PPP Leader Zulfiqar Shah

Haram Shah is one of the biggest names in Pakistan’s tiktok industry. She is known for her fun and engaging content as well her controversial statements and videos. Recently, the star has gained a lot of attention after announcing that she married an MNA of Pakistan People’s Party.

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Rumours of her marriage were already circulating after the 29-year-old celebrity posted a picture of her hand wearing a diamond ring. However, she took the photo down after a few hours. Similarly, she also posted a picture of her touching a man’s hand and took it down in a bit.

Hareem Shah and Zulfiqar Shah hands
Hareem Shah and Zulfiqar Shah hands

Hareem Shah confirmed the news of her marriage on a Pakistani TV channel while saying that she cannot disclose any personal details about her husband including his name. When asked why, she said this was due to her husband’s first marriage as he is still trying to persuade his first wife.

Her marriage was quite a small one but was attended by some very prominent political leaders such as a senior female PPP Leader and senator. We don’t have many details about her wedding, but we are hoping to see some cute wedding pictures of the couple and the venue soon.

Hareem also said that her husband is a leader of PPP as well as a provincial minister. He is currently living in Karachi. Obviously, fans started speculating who their favourite celebrity’s husband could be. Some thought it was Saeed Ghani while others thought it was Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah.

Hareem Shah and her husband will be leaving for Turkey by the end of this week. We are excited to see who her husband is and hear more about their love story.

TikTok Hareem Shah married Zulfiqar Shah
TikTok Hareem Shah married Zulfiqar Shah
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