Fortnite Tomato Basket: How to Find All Tomato Baskets in Fortnite?

Fortnite is an entertaining game. It is very competitive, but it’s also has a lot of fun! One of the best parts is that it’s straightforward to pick up tips and techniques from other players. If you want to become good at this game, you should look into getting some help from an online tutorial. The tutorials can teach you about positioning, tactics, and tricks. Nowadays, Fortnite Tomato Basket is in trend. Please scroll down to know more about it.

Fortnite tomato basket is essential if you want to complete the weekly challenges and missions in Fortnite. The only way to complete a weekly challenge in Fortnite is to get Fortnite tomato basket.

If you are looking for some guide for Fortnite tomato basket location. Then it will be elementary for you to see this basket after going through this article. There are only three places on the map where a Tomato Basket can be located. All of them are in the same general area. The first two are located in almost the same area and very close to each other. However, the third one is located in the east.

Fortnite Tomato Basket

Let’s take a look at all of Fortnite tomato basket locations one by one in detail!

First location of Tomato Basket

Fortnite Tomato Basket

The first location where you can get one of these tomato baskets is right behind the tent on top of which tomato is placed. You have to cross the tent and then move towards the edge of the sand. Enter the red building near that point and collect the tomato basket placed on the top floor.

Second Location of Tomato Basket

Fortnite Tomato Basket

When you have picked the tomato basket from the first location, picking up a second basket will not take time and will be much easier as it is not far from the first basket’s location. First, try to locate the trees near the first location. When you’ve found these big holiday trees, try to find a farmhouse situated right between these trees. It has a light blue colour and a grey roof. After entering the farmhouse, head towards the dining room and pick the kitchen’s basket, which is beyond the dining room.

Third Location Of Basket

As mentioned earlier, the third location you can find a tomato basket in Fortnite is east of the previous locations and a bit far too. It is a big red house right in the centre of rivers, and like the second location, tomato basket is placed in the kitchen and players can find the basket to earn season 5 XP. 

Now that you know the three main places where you can find a tomato basket in Fortnite, you will probably have a better time looking for these baskets, and it will get you 20,000 season 5 XP. There are three locations where you can find a tomato basket in Fortnite and all of them are fun to go to. If you want to complete the weekly challenges in Fortnite, you should follow the guidelines mentioned above and grab these tomato baskets located at different locations!

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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