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Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Adding Citizenship Question to 2020 Census

(NEW YORK) — A federal judge ruled out Trump administration on adding the question about citizenship status on the 2020 census.

This decision is definitely the win for critics having opinion thay this question was unnecessary and would result in fewer immigrants and minorities to respond to the survey.

In a 277-page decision that won’t be the final word on the issue, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman wrote,

“He failed to consider several important aspects of the problem; alternately ignored, cherry-picked, or badly misconstrued the evidence in the record before him; acted irrationally both in light of that evidence and his own stated decisional criteria; and failed to justify significant departures from past policies and practices.”

Addiotionally, the judge said, Ross didn’t follow a law that he gave three years notice to Congress on adding the question of adding citizenship to the census of 2020.

The critics said that there could be an undercount in the census relating yo the people legally living in US. The fear could forbade them to participate in survey.

In an argument on one of two Supreme Court orders related to the case, Gorsuch wrote there was “nothing unusual about a new cabinet secretary coming to office inclined to favor a different policy direction, soliciting support from other agencies to bolster his views, disagreeing with staff, or cutting through red tape.”

“Of course, some people may disagree with the policy and process,” he wrote. “But until now, at least, this much has never been thought enough to justify a claim of bad faith and launch an inquisition into a cabinet secretary’s motives.”

According to the constitution government is supposed to count everyone living in USA whether living legally or illegally.

The administration has been given an early summer deadline for finalizing questions so questionnaires can be printed.

Written by Muhammad Usman Siddiqui

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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