Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC Release Time, Date, and How To Buy

Welcome back fam! If you are a game lover and are die-hard crazy for games then this is for you. Recently Ubisoft released some information about Far cry 6. They shared that DLC Pagan Min is going to be included in the 6th part of Far Cry by next week. This DLC is the 2nd part of the season pass of Far Cry 6. This season is completely based on the villains from the previous parts of Far cry.

As far as we remember the actual villain of the 4th part of Far cry in 2014 was even crazy. The villain would be a very harsh dictator in the game. Pagan Min is the ruler of a place called Kyrat and it is a fictional country. From there it all depends on the player to continue and defeat the cruel ruler.  

Last year the 1st installment of the second pass of the 6th season of Far cry was mostly concentrated on Vaas. In the game, the player had to fight with their inner demons and a lot of other dangerous villains.

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If the player wins he will be able to enter his peaceful life in virtual reality. Even though Ubisoft hasn’t shared any further details about Pagan Min we are expecting that the villain is going to be treated the similar way as the last year’s game. Other than that we can see the 

Far cry 3’s villains he had hidden his evil thoughts behind the face of an aristocrat, and this can be given an interesting turn to the show.

When Will All Other Parts of the Game Be Released?

However, the Season Pass of Far cry 6 Is all about the past villains of the game. The villains will be seen handling all the actions they performed and also give all the players an additional tool to be exploding all the characters in complete depth.

Far Cry 6 Pagan
Far Cry 6 Pagan

Other than that this part of the game will also have a particular chapter especially related to Joseph seed. He has seen the religious character in the 5th part of  Far Cry. As of now, there is no particular date for release this chapter has been shared yet. However, the 3rd and last chapters are going to be released within March 2022.  

The main story of Far Cry 6 shows the fictional Latin America Island name Yara. This part of the game shows Giancarlo Esposito the ruler of this part of the game.  He is also represented as “El Presidente” Antón Castillo  in the game.

End this automatically means that the place will also get the chance to fight for Freedom Fighters and help them get back their freedom. 

Other than the paid game for this season, the previous villains have also received free access for the free parrots of the game and they have been provided with various free missions in the game. For now, one mission showing Danny Trejo is available in the game.

And other than that Rambo crossovers are all set to be released in February. Along with that stranger things related mission will be out by March 

Which All Platform Can Be Used to Play Far Cry 6?

The 6th part of Far Cry is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S,  PlayStation 5, Google Stadia,  Microsoft Windows, and Amazon Luna, since 7th October.  Other than that the DLC  version, is also available from  11 January. And if you wish to see about all the fun watch the teaser of the show!

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