Does PTA has removed the tax on iPhone and Other Smartphones?

Many iPhone users in Pakistan using Ufone and Mobilink networks reported that their non-PTA iPhone started working all of the sudden. 80% of the people claimed that even though they have not paid the tax, they were receiving the network.

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A user posted in Apple Community in Pakistan, that his non-PTA compliant iPhone device started working, and many users responded the same.

Does PTA has removed the tax on iPhone and Other Smartphones
Does PTA has removed the tax on iPhone and Other Smartphones

As per PTA sources, the PTA has not removed any tax from the imported devices. People still have to pay the taxes according to their device. They claimed that this is a glitch and will be resolved soon. Many Samsung users reported the same glitch in past as well.

Well, this is a sad news for iPhone users, that this glitch will be temporary and the non-compliant PTA will be back to without signals.

As written on PTA website:

As of 30th June 2019, FBR has withdrawn free baggage exemption rule. Every device that is to be registered will be subject to relevant FBR duties.

Let us know in our comment section, how the government can improve registration of phones without tax brought from abroad.



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