Cooking with Paris Season 2 renewed?

For all of you that have watched Cooking with Paris, you know it’s less of a cooking show and more of seeing Paris act clumsy, naive, and interact with her famous friends. So, even though we hardly learned any cooking from the culinary show, no one can deny that the show wasn’t entertaining. And hence, it brings all fans and viewers to the big question. Is there a chance for Cooking with Paris season 2? If yes, when will it be released? 

Looking at other celebrity cooking shows such as Selena Gomez’s HBO Max show, Selena + Chef, we think season 2 will definitely be making its way. Moreover, the show was basically made as a recipe for success. As it features Paris with one of her celebrity friends cooking and learning new things.

Cooking with Paris Season 2 Release Date

The show hasn’t been renewed for season 2. But that’s probably because the team at Netflix is analyzing the views of season 1. Also, we must add that the show has managed to get both positive and negative reviews. So, it only depends on the team and where they want to take the show next.

Although, if Cooking with Paris does get renewed for season 2, the new season will release sometime in late summer 2022. This is because production, filming, and post-production usually take about a year. And that’s how it’s always been for Netflix.


The plot for season 2 will pretty much be similar to season 1. Viewers will get to see Paris rock her famous dialogue, “That’s Hot!” and look glamorous at the same time. They will also get to see her learn new tricks and techniques in the kitchen from her friends just like she did in season 1. Overall, season 2 will also be less of a cooking show and more of a get to see Paris in the kitchen sliving (slaying and living).

Cooking with Paris Season 2 Cast

The cast for season 2 will also be full of celebrities. In season 1, there were 6 episodes (each of 20-25 minutes). In each episode, Paris had a new celebrity guest with her with whom she cooked and ate. Season 2 will also follow the same pattern. However, we do not know which friends of Paris will be joining this time. But, whenever we get the answer to that, we will share it with you here.

The inspiration behind Cooking With Paris

The show is inspired by Paris’s 2020 youtube video where she shares with viewers how to make a sliving lasagna. This video has more than 5 million views. And they are all not because the lasagna recipe is amazing! But because Paris has an entertaining persona that really makes the video stand out.

If we get any more information regarding Cooking with Paris season 2, we will share it with you.

Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam is a final year medical student. You will often find her in a corner binge watching a show on Netflix or reading the latest gossip when she is not busy in the hospital or going through her books.

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