Bride in Mardan asks for books as a Haq Mehr worth Rs 100,000

A video of a beautiful bride from Mardan, KPK named Naima Shamal is going viral on twitter as she spreads an important message. She has demands for books worth rs 100,000 and has given a logical explanation behind it because of which people are loving her.

She explains her demand by saying ,” every woman demands gold and money, but since I am a writer, I have demanded books. If being a writer I do not value them, how can I expect the common man to value them? This is the reason why I have demanded books from my husband in my ‘Haq Mehr’.”

What is Haq Mehr?

Haq mehr is any gift chosen by the bride which the husband has to gives to her at the time of their marriage or later on epending on what both spouses have agreed on. This haq mehr can be any worldly thing from property to jewellery to cash.

Naila Shamal’s demand

Naila is a progressive woman who realises the inflation in Pakistan and doesn’t want to create a burden for her groom who is also an author. She has shown the world that there is more to life than materialistic things and has taken a step against the wrong customs of our society by asking for books.

We love her enthusiasm and hope that more and more girls realise this and don’t create a burden for their grooms.