When is the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022? How to Watch and Line-up

The Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 will air soon! This is a classic annual comedy show, and it wouldn’t feel just like Christmas without Jimmy Carr poking fun in his good-old style. The legacy of the show has been continuing ever since its inception of the show in 2004.

A long-time has passed, and Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 is coming back with its 19th edition. Following the tradition, Carr and some other famous comedians will join us to review the last 12 months of 2022. It is unlike any other serious show since the host and fellow comedians will have a hilarious take on 2022. The Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 will be bringing the year’s biggest hits and misses.

Moreover, the newest edition of the Big Fat Quiz of 2022 will have questions from pupils of Charles Dance and Mitchell Brook Primary School. But who are the comedians who will add extra fun to the Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022? And when will it air? Nothing to worry about; we have all the information you need before tuning out Big Fat Quiz for 2022.

When is the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022 How to Watch and Line-up
When is the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022 How to Watch and Line-up?

When Will Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2022 Air On TV?

Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 will air on 26th December 2022, Monday at 9 pm on Channel 4 to make the holiday season extra special. It is a beautiful time of the year, and the show will have a 2 hours airing time. Thus, you can munch on your Christmas leftovers and enjoy some hilarious content without getting off your couch.

What Is The Line-Up For Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2022?

The Big Fat Quiz of 2022 has many talents joining the particular event, with few comebacks. Before explaining the details further, let us first check the Big Fat Quiz panel for 2022:

  • Katherine Ryan
  • Richard Ayoade
  • Stephen Merchant
  • Maisie Adam
  • Rose Matafeo
  • Jonathan Ross

The return of Katherine Ryan will be marked as her second appearance after being a part of the show in 2017. On the other hand, Ayoade is now a regular of this top-rated franchise. He first was in the 2010 edition and then was in the 2012 edition, after which he was seen in every season. So, why will be Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 an exception?

Additionally, Jonathan Ross will return this year after his long break. He knows the show well, as he was in many spin-offs.

Big Fat Quiz of 2022 also has newcomers Adam, Matafeo, and Merchant.

The hot topics of the 2022 season will be the questions for the Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022. We have a glimpse of what is about to come, and it will undoubtedly get interesting. As the teaser reveals, questions regarding the celebs, happening events, most controversial topics, and more were asked. One question was about the accusation against Harry Styles in the Chris Pine situation. Plus, the nickname for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations was also in question.

The questions are: “What was Harry Styles accused of doing to Chris Pine? Why was everyone singing about a chippy? What nickname was given to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations? And who told us they like to wiggle?”

The Big Fat Quiz of 2022 is just what you need to lighten the mood during Christmas. We know you are already getting your popcorn ready!

Is There A Trailer?

Yes, the Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 trailer displays the fun to expect in the upcoming edition of the show. The 20 seconds clip shows Jimmy Carr happy to be back hosting his favorite show of the year. Though the clip is short, it shares the moments that will make this year’s holiday extravaganza worth watching. If you have yet to see the clip, go and watch it now!

Final Words

The Big Fat Quiz of the year 2022 will complete your celebrations. It is all about having shows that will spread joy, and we know how lively Big Fat Quiz is. The exciting thing to learn is what questions will be on the list. So, prepare for a night full of excitement with the Big Fat Quiz of 2022.



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