Anita Pointer Cause of Death: Pointer Sisters Member Died at 74

In this post, we will look at Anita Pointer Cause of Death. Anita Pointer, the lead singer of the Pointer Sisters and the sweet and sometimes sultry voice behind many of their hits in the 1970s and ’80s, passed away on Saturday at her home in Beverly Hills, California. Age-wise, she belonged to the 74-year club.

Anita Pointer Cause of Death Pointer Sisters Member Died at 74
Anita Pointer Cause of Death Pointer Sisters Member Died at 74

Roger Neal, her publicist, said the cancer was to blame. Therefore, Anita Pointer Cause of Death is cancer. 

The Pointer Sisters were an in-between group, with their sound falling between the doo-wop purity of the Ronettes and the stiletto girl power of Destiny’s Child.

Anita Pointer Cause of Death And Her Life Before It 

That was mainly due to Anita’s remarkable singing voice. Her voice had the depth and sweetness of molasses. While she had the chops to trill sweetly, her voice was too soft to make an impact. Anita crooned on the 1981 love song “Slow Hand,” accompanied by a dreamy music video that peaked at number two on the pop charts.

When she took the lead on that and other songs, her sisters sang a melodic line as harmony, and the women often harmonized to create a groovy ’70s sound reminiscent of a barbershop quartet.

The Pointer Sisters

The original Pointer Sisters were Anita, Ruth, Bonnie, and June; after Bonnie left in 1977 to pursue a solo career, the group was reduced to a trio. In the original lineup, Anita was the lead vocalist for all three of the group’s Top 40 hits, including the album’s breakthrough single, “Yes We Can Can” (1973). By the end of the year, it had climbed to position No. 11 on the charts.

While performing the song live, Anita smiled through her teeth and sang in an earnest, pleading tone, possibly influenced by her minister’s father.

It was on purpose that the Pointer Sisters’ music sounded dated, even though songs like “How Long (Betcha’ Got A Chick On The Side)” (1975) featured a frantic, funky tempo. The Pointer girls often wore thrift 1940s-era church attire on stage and borrowed clothes from other members of their mother’s congregation when they needed new ones.

The First Grammy Award

Now that we know about Anita Pointer Cause of Death, let us look at her accomplishments. They won their first Grammy in 1974 for “Fairytale,” written by Anita and Bonnie.

Anita’s 1986 duet with country singer Earl Thomas Conley, “Too Many Times,” was a rare crossover hit for a musician not performing with her family band. When Mr. Conley and his friend decided to perform their song on the R&B television show “Soul Train,” he couldn’t have imagined a more unlikely setting.

After Bonnie’s departure, the Pointer Sisters set out on a new course. Their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire,” which peaked at No. 2 in 1978, was a pivotal moment in the band’s evolution. The song featured traditional honky-tonk piano lines, but lead singer Anita embraced the huskier, sexier side of her low voice. 

By 1982’s “I’m So Excited,” the group had settled on a new sound for the most part. Lead singer Anita sounded ecstatic as she crooned about “those pleasures in the night,” and the band released a racy music video to match. The song stayed on the Hot 100 chart for 40 weeks.

More About Anita Pointer

Anita Pointer was born in Oakland on Jan. 23, 1948. Her father, the Rev. Elton Pointer, and mother, Sarah Elizabeth Silas Pointer, served a small congregation. The six Pointer children sang in the choir as children, which helped them harmonize later.

Anita fell in love with her grandparents’ Prescott home when Elton and Sarah moved there from Arkansas. She attended a segregated school, sat on the theatre balcony, and picked cotton for money.

She graduated from Oakland Tech in 1965 and became a legal secretary. She went to San Francisco in 1968 to see Bonnie and June perform for a crowd. This inspired her to pursue singing. Anita Pointer Cause of Death is cancer. 

Anita Pointer Cause of Death And Her Life In San Francisco

Anita Pointer Cause of Death is cancer, as discussed above. Let us now look at her later life. After moving to the San Francisco area, the sisters began performing as a backup band for local musicians. There was a time when they were warned not to steal the spotlight from the musical act they were there to back up. They started making music together in the studio.

Anita’s collection is not limited to music; it also includes artifacts documenting slavery, segregation, and racist caricature in the United States.

Both of Ms. Pointer’s marriages ended in divorce. Jada’s first-born child, a daughter, passed away from cancer in 2003.

Anita Pointer’s cause of death bears the same disease. Ms. Pointer continued to listen to her classic rock radio station religiously and sing along with the songs as she drove into her senior years. The band continued to play concerts well into the 21st century. Many people gave condolences after knowing Anita Pointer Cause of Death. 

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