American Roulette – Everything you need to Know

American roulette is known among players as “double zero roulette”. In 1800, casinos added a thirty-eighth sector – 00 – to French roulette to bring even more excitement to the game. Currently, the casino advantage on almost all bets is 5.26 per cent. This is almost twice as much as European roulette. This seems unbelievable, but many players are not confused by this at all, and American roulette online for real money is popular.

Wheel and table

The American roulette wheel has a different layout than the European one. The wheel has 38 different colored compartments. The table arrangement, though, is remarkably similar to that of Europe. The American roulette numbers are a significant variation on the wheel.

The American roulette wheel differs slightly from its European and even French version since it has two zeros, 0 and 00. The second zero indicates that there will be 38 numbers on the wheel rather than just 37. A second zero relates to some intriguing game adjustments.

The Five Number Bet and the “Surrender” rule are new bets, while the gameplay will otherwise be relatively identical.

How to play American Roulette?

  • Select your favorite provider and game. You can swap between various game versions.
  • The game mode can also be chosen by players. You have the option of playing roulette for real money or for free.
  • As you see fit, place your bets. We advise reading the details of payments and odds if you have questions regarding a certain bet type, payout, or odds.
  • Depending on how the round turns out, the game will automatically process each wager.

Odds, odds and payouts

It is important to consult the payoff table in order to comprehend the payouts in American roulette. In this manner, you will constantly be aware of your position and the precise expected payout for each wager. By looking at the table, players can quickly and easily raise the level of their play.

You need to go a little deeper into the casino advantage to get the actual odds in American roulette. The house advantage in this edition is 5.36% as opposed to 2.7% in the European version. However, the casino advantage can be further diminished because to the surrender rule, which is applied to 0 and 00 in some variations.

There are two different kinds of bets available here: external and internal bets. Standard bets like Street and Squares as well as the Five Number Bet, which is unique to this variation of roulette, are included under internal bets. The external bets include black/red, high/low, dozens, columns, and odd/even.

House Edge

The house edge in American roulette is fairly substantial, at 5.36%, as we already mentioned. The two zeros on the wheel are primarily to blame for this. If you discover a game that lets you apply the so-called surrender rule, you may be able to somewhat minimize the casino advantage. This regulation states that we still receive a refund of 50% of our bet if a round ends with a zero, and we placed no wagers on the zero.


You are definitely searching for a few well-liked American roulette methods when thinking about how to play the game. Stick to tried-and-true methods that give you a chance to actually improve your game if you want to utilize any technique. The Fibonacci system, Martingale, Labouchere, D’Alembert, or any other tried-and-true method will, therefore, function.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind that tactics are not a foolproof formula for achievement. In other words, you shouldn’t anticipate starting to play the game well right away after deciding to apply a strategy. There is no disputing that strategies are a lot of fun, but they all carry some danger.

Useful tips for playing American roulette

If you understand the rules of the game and how various techniques operate, you may learn how to play American roulette and use some tried-and-true strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

  • Pick a plan of action. Progressive systems like Martingale, Paroles, Fibonacci, Labouchere, or D’Alembert are always used by the best American roulette players. In an effort to gain fresh insights, players frequently alter these tactics themselves.
  • Maintain a budget. The majority of casual gamers who begin playing roulette do so without a strategy. However, you may minimize future losses and maximize profits in the short to medium term by creating a budget and closely adhering to it.
  • Play roulette for free. Free trials are a terrific place to start since they provide you a chance to get acquainted with all the essential aspects of roulette. They give you the opportunity to evaluate whether one advancing technique is superior to others and if it fulfills your objectives without running the risk of suffering monetary loss.
  • Play responsibly. Although placing a bet inside the roulette wheel has a better chance of winning, you still want to make sure that your wager is successful. The secret to success with a limited budget is to play it safe and place bets on outside events.
  • Take more chances for greater rewards. You can afford to devote more funds on inside wagers when you start to win a little more. For instance, you can only place a bet on five numbers in American roulette.
  • For roulette, look for bonuses. Some casinos have fantastic loyalty programs or welcome bonuses. Utilizing such exclusive offers will enhance your gaming experience.
  • You must be aware of when you should put down your game. It won’t hurt to set a little time limit before playing; on the contrary, it will be beneficial. The secret to succeeding at American roulette is to maintain a winning streak throughout successive gaming sessions, and to stop when it doesn’t seem like chance is on your side.

Live American Roulette

A live dealer is present when playing American roulette in the live version of the game. The game is played as an interactive live broadcast, and you can easily and quickly place bets and converse with the dealer owing to the game’s interface. It’s important to note that live roulette is progressively displacing the standard RNG-roulette since it gives players the chance to experience the ambiance of a real, land-based casino without having to leave their homes. Therefore, live roulette is definitely worth a try if you want to try something new and immerse yourself in an exciting environment!

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