72 families and 17 colleagues of the Corona infected Pizza delivery guy quarantined

According to the reports, 72 families and 17 colleagues of the pizza delivery guy have been quarantined since he has been tested positive for the Coronavirus. He belonged to Malviya Nagar and used to work at a notable local pizza outlet. His symptoms were marking their existence for over 20 days. Presently, he is getting the Corona treatment at a Delhi hospital. This story has stolen the attention of the whole nation, and now everyone has started getting scared of getting doorstep food deliveries. 

Here’s all that you need to know about the insights in this big story: 

  • The local pizza outlet was located in Malviya Nagar, and the delivery body belonged to the same place. He was showcasing the symptoms for three weeks. 
  • The test results of his Coronavirus issue came on April 14, and according to the results, he was tested positive for the same. His condition is reportedly stable at a hospital in Delhi. 
  • The moment it was confirmed that he is Corona positive, his other 17 colleagues have been put under quarantine. 
  • Till now, the Delhi administration has come up with a list of 70 families where he had delivered during these days. These families are from Hauz Khas and Malviya Nagar itself. 
  • Now, 72 families belonging to South Delhi have been put under their home quarantine so that this issue doesn’t spread to other people. 
  • Also, the local pizza outlet where the patient was reportedly working has been closed for 14 days. It’s one of the precautionary measures taken by the outlet. 
  • While issuing a statement related to this case, Zomato said that some of these deliveries were made via its platform too. However, they were least aware of his being affected by such an infection. Also, they are not sure whether the delivery guy had Corona during the time of delivery. 
  • Intending to wipe off the fear of doorstep food deliveries from the minds of people, Zomato ensured that each one of the delivery boys would wear a mask and take the other precautions. Also, according to a statement, it has been noted that the other people working with the infected person have been tested negative. 
  • Domino’s has also issued a statement in which it has notified that the infection affecting one single patient has nothing to do with the whole delivery persons’ chain. 


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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