Type 1 Diabetes- What Are The Symptoms?

Type 1 diabetes is a result of the destruction of beta cells produced by the pancreas by your immune system. It is the beta cells that produce insulin. 

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Many people confuse Type 1 diabetes with secondary diabetes. There is a difference between the two. In secondary diabetes, the beta cells are destroyed by an injury or disease in the pancreas. In this case, the beta cells are not destroyed by the immune system. 

Insulin plays a major role in your body as it helps in the movement of glucose to the different tissues of the body. The cells use it as fuel. 

Who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a rare disease. 5% of people having diabetes suffer from Type 1 diabetes. Mostly the white people have Type 1 diabetes more than black people. It can affect all genders equally. And also, it can affect people of all age groups. If you have diabetes, but you want to know whether you are affected by Type 1 diabetes, then you can have a look at the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. 

What are the symptoms of Type-1 diabetes?

The symptoms of Type-1 diabetes are:

ï       You feel thirsty all the time even after drink water. 

ï       You feel hungry even after you are done eating. 

ï       Even when you drink plenty of water, your mouth remains dry. 

ï       Vomiting and nausea

ï       You have pain in your stomach. 

ï       You need to use the washroom often because of frequent urination. 

ï       You lose weight even when you are eating and drinking heavily. 

ï       Blurred vision 

ï       Your stamina decreases, and you suffer from heavy and labored breathing 

ï       There are cases of frequent infection on your skin and urinary case. If you are a female, you might also face infection in your vagina. 

If you are suffering severely from Type-1 diabetes, in addition to the symptoms mentioned above, you might also face the symptoms stated below:

ï       Confusion in making a decision.

ï       Body shaking. 

ï       Your breath smells fruity. 

ï       Severe pain in the belly 

ï       Loss of consciousness

If your symptoms match with the ones which are mentioned above, it’s time for you to visit a doctor. After proper diagnosis, the result will tell you whether you have normal diabetes or Type-1 diabetes. 

How Is Type-1 Diabetes diagnosed?

In the initial test, the doctor will check for your blood sugar level. In addition to that, a test for urine might also be asked to check the level of glucose and different chemicals in it. 

How Is Type-1 Diabetes treated?

Mostly, Type-1 diabetes is genetic, and there is no sure shot way of preventing it. However, it has been noticed that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can fight with Type-1 diabetes. One needs to extremely careful about the blood sugar level, and it has to be checked from time to time. 

Insulin injections are mostly prescribed for controlling the blood sugar level in Type 1 diabetes patients. 

In terms of lifestyle changes, you need to give time to exercise. Also, it is advised that you reduce carbs from your diet. However, it is vital to maintain a healthy diet.


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