Minimize Your Risk of a Pedestrian Accident: 6 Tips for Walkers

Walking has always been a great exercise and an environment-friendly way to travel. However, as a pedestrian, you must know the potential danger. Follow these simple measures to minimize your risk of a pedestrian accident.

1. Choose Where to Walk Wisely

Always walk where there are sidewalks or pedestrian paths, as it’s much safer than walking on the road. When choosing a sidewalk, aim for a well-lit, maintained one to avoid potential hazards. If you have no choice but to walk on the side of the road, walk facing oncoming traffic. If you’re unsure where to walk, a good tip is to ask yourself where you’d tell a child to walk to protect them.

If an accident occurs, you can call a West Palm Beach accident lawyer. You might think the pedestrian always has the right of way, but you’d be surprised how often pedestrian accidents show multiple parties to blame.

Minimize Your Risk of a Pedestrian Accident: 6 Tips for Walkers
Minimize Your Risk of a Pedestrian Accident: 6 Tips for Walkers

2. Always Look Up and Around

Look up and around while walking. Awareness helps you appreciate your surroundings and keeps you aware of any potential hazards. When near traffic, try to look further ahead to see what’s coming, giving you more time to react if necessary.

Phones can be distracting, and looking down will take your eyes away from the road and may put you in greater danger.

3. Use Caution Walking at Night or in Poor Weather

Be extra vigilant when walking at night or in poor weather conditions, as visibility can be reduced. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly half of all pedestrian deaths occur between 6:00 p.m. and midnight.

Wear light or reflective clothing to make yourself more visible, and carry a flashlight to help see the path ahead. Don’t take any additional risks when walking at night or in bad weather, and stick to sidewalks and crosswalks, taking your time to ensure all vehicles see you.

4. Never Assume a Car Sees You

According to data from the CDC, one in six people who died in car accidents in 2020 were pedestrians. Ensure it’s not you by never assuming that a car sees you, even if you’re on a marked crosswalk.

Be patient and wait for the vehicle to stop completely before you cross the road. If you’re using headphones or earbuds, remove them, as they may prevent you from hearing approaching cars.

5. Keep to the Inside of the Sidewalk

To minimize your risk of getting hit by a car, always keep to the inside of the sidewalk, away from the road. This keeps you further from the road and makes it easier for drivers to see you. Also, avoid walking too close behind parked cars, as drivers may not see you when exiting their vehicles.

6. Stay Aware

Always stay aware of what’s happening around you. Avoid distractions like texting or checking social media when walking. Focus on your surroundings, and be especially careful when crossing intersections. Always be alert for any hazards that may arise, like uneven pavement or construction zones.

Walking Safety 101

As a pedestrian, your safety is of utmost importance. These six simple tips can minimize your risk of getting into a pedestrian accident while enjoying your walk or commute. Walk safely and confidently, and enjoy every moment!


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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