How to Get Ready for Blackouts This Winter in a Time of Global Crises

We’re all familiar with losing power due to bad weather. Global warming means that extreme temperatures are here to stay and winter storms with high winds and heavy snow often cause blackouts. Sometimes, these disruptions last for days.

Be Prepared

Even up until a few years ago, there were few alternatives to power outages if you wanted to stay warm unless you were fortunate enough to have an open fire or log-burning stove.

Extreme weather means you can be off-grid for several days, and that’s no fun without light or heat during the cold months.

Fortunately, there are some serious alternatives to an old-fashioned gas-driven generator. Noisy and smelly, these are not an option for many people due to their size and operation.

A portable power station will provide backup power for your home with silent, eco-friendly options for short power outages. These can be scaled up to run heavy-duty appliances for hours at a time. 

The war in Ukraine has disrupted energy supplies across Europe as the vast majority of countries rely on sourcing at least some of their power needs from Russia.

The National Grid in the UK has already warned householders about using energy economically to protect supplies. Although this is unlikely, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of planned power cuts to protect dwindling resources.

The difficulty for many countries, including Britain, is the gas supply. Gas-fired power stations produce electricity and account for around 40% of Britain’s electricity production, with this scenario replicated in other countries.

Using a portable power station can help reduce your consumption—that’s fantastic for the greater good and your household energy bills in a time of multiple and overlapping global crises.

Change How You Use Energy

A power cut, planned or unplanned, is a great slam dunk when it comes to reducing your heating bills, but seriously, who wants to sit in the dark and cold if you don’t have to?

With energy prices rising all the time and global economic and political uncertainty, this is a great time to implement just a few simple steps to lower your energy usage.

There are some quick fixes that won’t cost the earth, such as stopping draughts around windows and doors and using intelligent thermostats or radiator valves to control the level of heating in different rooms.

A mixture of old-school measures your grandparents would be familiar with, plus the latest tech, can change how you use energy. You can do everything from controlling your heating and lighting from your phone to monitoring household energy use. It’ll all make a big dent in your energy usage.

Final Thoughts

Being ready for blackouts this winter is more than just having a stock of candles in the cupboard. 

New technology like portable power stations can keep the lights on and the family warm during outages, plus they offer an eco-friendly way to help you save energy even when the grid is still working. Other technologies help you curb household energy use. These are all good practices for your bank balance and the planet.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.