Actionable Feedback Policy

Open Sky News actively promotes meaningful discussions among writers, reviewers, readers, and senior staff members of Open Sky News.

We’re dedicated to interacting with our readers and acting on their feedback, whether it’s suggestions, complaints, or other types of input. Our readers can contribute in various ways, such as helping to expand on a story or coverage, addressing questions raised by an article, highlighting issues or topics that might not have received enough attention, and introducing us to new and diverse viewpoints and experts. We believe it’s important for news organizations to engage with the public about current values, issues, and ideas, and we see great value in this exchange. In fact, constructive feedback can lead to:

  • More detailed stories or coverage.
  • Answers to questions prompted by our stories.
  • Recognition of related or unaddressed topics that matter to our audience, including specific demographic groups.
  • Introduction to new, diverse sources and experts.

How We Engage with Readers

Contact Us

We provide a page listing all editorial team members with verified email links, so readers can easily find contact information to ask questions or voice concerns.


We offer a space for readers to discuss our news coverage or agenda. This includes links to our social media pages (like Facebook) for a more direct and informal interaction with the Open Sky News team.


Making it simple for users to give us direct feedback on any issues, suggestions, or requests for corrections they can reach us at at editor[at]

Author Information

We link social media profiles to our authors’ pages on the Open Sky News site, providing readers with authors’ contact details when possible.

User Feedback Stories

An essential part of our editorial approach is the direct feedback from the readers, allowing users to report errors, make suggestions, or request adjustments.

Article Updates

We update articles based on reader comments and feedback.

Audience Polls

We conduct public polls and publish the results to guide decisions on new features and editorial directions.

Community, Content Managers, and Central Team

Contact information for key staff members is available on our platform, ensuring relevance and security.

At Open Sky News, we prioritize maintaining openness and engagement with our audience, reflecting the nature of our open platform.