EntertainmentWorkin' Moms Season 7 Finale Release Date, Cast, and Much More

Workin’ Moms Season 7 Finale Release Date, Cast, and Much More

Netflix’s Workin’ Moms season 7 has been officially renewed! But there’s going to be a bittersweet feeling watching it as it will also be the final season of the Netflix series.

The sitcom first premiered in 2017, revolving around four working mothers who meet in mommy-and-me parenting group. Since then, they have been close friends, and the comedy series highlights the ups and downs they experience in motherhood while simultaneously focusing on their careers. In 5 years, six seasons have already been released, and the show has become a global phenomenon. 

Each season comes with a greater storyline, and there’s a lot more to be explored in the next season. So, here are all the details about Workin’ Moms season 7.

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Workin’ Moms Season 7 Cast

Most of the cast from the sixth season is returning to work as Workin’s Moms season 7 cast members. After all, their roles are an essential part of the Canadian comedy series, and it would be not easy to imagine the final season without them.

The creator of the CBC sitcom, Catherine Reitman, stars as Kate Foster, a working mom. The series is not her first time in the acting world, as she has starred in several terms previously, including in Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, Friends with Benefits, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and much more.

Workin' Moms Season 7 Cast
Workin’ Moms Season 7 Cast

Furthermore, Philip Sternberg, Reitman’s real husband, will also star in the series as her on-screen husband, Nathan Foster. Additionally, he is also the executive producer for the Netflix series, along with his wife. 

Dani Kind will return to play her role as Anne Carlson, and so will Enuka Okuma to play the role of Sloane Mitchell. Jessalyn Wanlim will star as Jenny Matthews. Ryan Belleville, Juno Rinaldi, and Martha Girvin will return as Lionel Carlson, Frankie Coyne, and Heather.

In addition, Sarah McVie will play Val Szalinsky and Nikki Duval as Rosie. Sadie Munroe will return as Alice Carlson and Kyle Breitkopf as Nathan Carlson Jr. Overall. The seventh season will feature a fantastic set of cast members that will brighten up your screens as you go through all the 13 half-hour episodes.

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Workin’ Moms Season 7 Release Date

Even though Workin’ Moms Season 7 has been officially renewed, we do not have an official premiere date. We have an expected release window as the seventh season will probably release on CBC and CBC Gem first, and then a Netflix release will follow in Spring or winter 2023.

Workin' Moms Season 7 Release Date
Workin’ Moms Season 7 Release Date

Moreover, according to an insider, filming has already begun for this season in Toronto, which is also expected to be the final season of the series. The lead star as well as writer, director, and executive producer Catherine Reitman recently released a statement saying:

“And so, it is with love and gratitude that I’m announcing season seven as our final season. The biggest thank you to our partners, CBC and Netflix, for getting behind a show that points a flashlight into the darkest corners of motherhood. To those of you who’ve stopped me on the street to share your love of the show — I see you. I hear you. And I thank you. Go get ’em mamas.”

This statement and her posts on social media imply that Workin’ Moms season 7 will be the final season, and there will be no more of it after this.


The upcoming season will continue the storyline for each character from where it ended in the last episode of season 6 with flashbacks from the past here and there. 

Kate will now learn to manage things properly and give herself a break. She will probably try various ways she can’t bring her workaholic personality to rest. Also, she will have to figure out how to stay put and not react to Nathan Jr. staying at his aunt’s instead of with her.

Next, there is Sloane, the mommy with a new baby born. Things for Sloan will get a bit difficult as she will try and manage to be a mom to a toddler as well as continue her career. Viewers will probably even get to see Sloan’s softer side.

Jenny will probably be going to different job interviews as she has no job for the time being. She might even take a little time off before looking for a new job.

On the other hand, Anne has managed to remain a successful occupational therapist, but her marriage seems to be going down the drain. Hence, she will continue taking anger management classes and try everything to save her marriage with Lionel.

And finally, there is the epic cliffhanger that the sixth season ended on as viewers saw Anne’s daughter, Alice, come face to face with a stalker who has also been her mom’s patient. And the way the last episode ended, it didn’t look like things were about to go down nicely. We think the stalker will either try to abuse Alex physically, or she will end up doing something that no one expects. Either way, things will get complicated for Anne in the finale.

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Filming is still under process, so there is no trailer or teaser released yet. Moreover, fans should not expect it any time soon as it will release only a few weeks before the actual season premieres. Nevertheless, fans can check out the trailer for season 6 or re-watch all the previous six seasons on Netflix.

By the end of Workin’ Moms season 7, viewers will have had a great time, and all our beautiful moms will be seen striving in their lives even if they won’t be in situations everyone pictured them to be in. And if we get any more updates on Workin’ Moms season 7!

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