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Witness Number 3 Release Date on Channel 5, Cast, Trailer, Spoiler, and Plot

Channel 5 brings you its most recent crime thriller series, Witness Number 3. A nail-biting 4-part limited series that is sure to keep its viewers at the edge of their seats. Written by Thomas Eccleshare, the series is directed by Diarmuid Goggins. Goggins’ previous works include Silent Witness and Bulletproof.

The thriller is sure to leave a chill down your spine as it follows the life of single mother Jodie, who runs a hairdressing salon. After witnessing a gruesome murder, she agrees to be a witness to a police investigation. While she believes she is working towards justice, she soon realizes the cost of all this. Now she must protect herself and her loved ones while continuing to help the authorities.

From cast to release date and plotline, here is everything we know about this crime series.

Witness Number 3 Cast

The cast for Witness Number 3 is out, and we are beyond ecstatic to see the lineup. Multiple familiar faces are set to grace our screens with their presence.

Witness Number 3 Cast
Witness Number 3 Cast

In the lead, we have Nina Toussaint-White portraying Jodie, a hairdresser and single mother who becomes the prime witness in a police murder investigation. White’s most known role is that in BBC One’s show, Bodyguard. While talking to Express.co.uk, Nina discussed how the series is directed. She talked about how viewers would get to see the drama unfold through Jodie’s eyes. Hence, getting the feeling that they too are characters in the thriller. She stated,

“You are in her head, and you feel the paranoia that she feels, and I don’t think a lot of crime dramas focus on that. They focus on the crime itself.”

In addition to this, we have Sue Johnston playing the role of Cathy, Jodie’s mother. She shares a close bond with her daughter and grandson, hence is just as involved in the series. Johnston is a veteran British actress known for portraying Barbara Royale in The Royale Family. For this role, she even landed a British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Actress. Her other notable roles include that of Grace Foley on The Walking Dead and Miss Denker in ITV’s Downton Abbey.

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Playing the role of Kyle (Jodie’s son) is Cole Martin. Further, joining the cast is Sion Daniel Young as the P.C. Ivan Barkas. Barkas is in charge of Jodie’s protection as she agrees to become the police witness. Daniel is previously known for his role in Deceit.

Moreover, Clare Dunn portrays the character of Detective Whelan, the officer investigating the murder case. Dunne is an Irish actress known for her portrayal of Amanda Kinsella in Kin. Ruaridh Mollica joins the cast as Po, one of the members of the gang that terrorizes Jodie and her family. Mollica previously appeared in Tell It To The Bees.

Witness Number 3 Release Date

Witness Number 3 released its pilot episode on Monday, 18th July 2022. The schedule for the 4 part series follows one episode each day of this week till Thursday. Viewers in the UK can tune in to Channel 5 at 9 pm every day to catch the series.

Witness Number 3 Release Date
Witness Number 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, those that are outside of the UK would have to wait till the series drops on a streaming service. We hope this happens soon as there is a large audience early waiting to watch the series outside the UK as well.

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Witness Number 3 Plot

The main theme of this nerve-wracking series revolves around just one dilemma,

“Would you risk everything and everyone you love to do what is right?”

Both Jodie and the viewers face this question as this series comes in all guns blazing. Witness Number 3 shows Jodie Parker as she decides to risk it all to bring a murderer behind bars.

Jodie is a single mother running her own business as a hairdresser and simultaneously raising her son. One day she witnesses a horrifying murder take place. Little does she know that this accidental sighting may end up changing the entire course of her life. Jodie decides to become the police’s star witness for this murder investigation. To maintain her anonymity, the police name her “Witness Number 3”.

Witness Number 3 Plot
Witness Number 3 Plot

The gang members soon identify Jodie and hence, starts a series of threats. Initially, the gang tries to make her back down by sending her multiple threatening text messages. This leads to Jodie reevaluating her decision t become a witness. After letting the police officers know about the threatening messages, they agree to offer her protection. However, this does not satisfy Jodie. Later, the terrified mother receives multiple videos showing her whereabouts, hence showing that the gang stalked her. In one, she walks her son Kyle home, while the other shows her doing work around the house. She soon realizes that this agreement may have put her mother and son in the line of the target too.

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While talking to RadioTimes, Nina talked about how the audience must put themselves in Jodie’s shoes to feel her fear truly. She states,

“I would describe it [the series] as tense, suffocating – a voyeuristic psychological thriller,” she said. “And it forces the audience to work out what they would do. How would they do the right thing? And at what cost?”

Furthermore, Jodie now no longer knows who to trust and who not to. It feels like even the police department is corrupt. Those masking as her saviors may just end up being her enemies. While in an interview about her character, Nina talked about her character’s rightful paranoia. She justifies that after all the threats and suspicious videos, her character goes on a “whirlwind of paranoia”. The creators want the viewers to feel the helpless mother’s paranoia as well. She described,

“As a viewer, you are meant to feel that too, you are meant to suspect. Jodie is always looking over her shoulder at strangers.”

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The team never released the official trailer for Witness Number 3. Nonetheless, the creators did not fully disappoint their viewers. The team did release a teaser trailer. It does not reveal much of the storyline. Although, it does give a perfect picture of the amount of anxiety and stress that the series brings. Fans of thriller shows are truly in for a treat with this 4 part series.

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