EntertainmentWith "Pull Up," a visual for car lovers, the Koffee Gifted Album...

With “Pull Up,” a visual for car lovers, the Koffee Gifted Album has a release date

In the past few years, we’ve seen several artists rise to the top and even win awards but nobody does it like Koffee, a Jamaican reggae singer. She made her debut in the music industry in 2017 with a sensational song called “Burning.” Then, in 2019, she released her EP called Rapture which was an absolute hit too.

Now, two years from her last song release, Koffee is back again with her new single called “Pull Up”. The song is a visual for car lovers and it has already topped charts worldwide. Additionally, Koffee’s highly anticipated album “Gifted” has a release date now. 

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Pull Up

The 22-year-old musician shows us all the right way to live our lives in Pull Up. She announced the news of her single coming out last week in a small teaser. True to her promise, she has released her song one week after the announcement. 

The music video for Pull Up is absolutely stunning. It’s a dream visual for car lovers as it features professional drivers performing jaw-dropping drift stunts in exotic cars. The video features classic cars including the 90’s Lada, Audi, Toyota Prado, Ferrari Spider, and Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

Koffee Gifted
Koffee Gifted

And it doesn’t stop here! The video then goes on to display a Toyota Lexus and Renault Lada. Throughout the video, we see Koffee dangling from car trunks, videos, and hoods as she jams to Pull Up. 

Koffee Gifted Release Date

Pull Up is a part of her upcoming album Gifted. It is expected to come out in March 2022. The exact release date is revealed by Koffee. She announced the news in a promotion video that she made for Pull Up. 

“It’s my pleasure to announce that my debut album ‘Gifted’ will be out on 25th March! Thank you for rocking with me! You won’t be disappointed. Love to everyone. LET’S GOOOOOO!!!,” Koffee said. 

Koffee’s EP won a Grammy in 2018. She won the award for the Best Reggae Album. Just like her previous album, we expect Gifted to be just as great and hopefully get a Grammy nomination. 

So far, the only released song, Pull Up, is topping charts and winning hearts. Its lyrics and their relatability are capturing the hearts of millions. The YouTube video already has 866K videos in less than 48 hours!

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