Is Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Release Date in 2022?

A.A. Milne’s teddy bear, Winnie The Pooh, is on a wild rampage in Rhys Waterfield’s Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey. This is the first adaptation of the cuddly bear after Pooh Bear, and Piglet became available for public use in January 2022. Before this, the characters could only be seen in Disney’s cartoons.

Watching Pooh bear in a horror movie is something no one ever expected. But, all of that is about to change with Winnie the Pooh horror movie release date being closer than ever as filming for it was done within 10 days in May, and the film is now undergoing post-production. So, when can you watch it? What is Winnie the Pooh horror movie release date? Will the characters look similar to what Disney and A.A. Milne had portrayed them as in the past? Here are all the details. Read more to know Winnie the Pooh horror movie release date.

Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Release Date

There is no official Winnie the Pooh horror movie release date, but it will be released before the year ends in 2022. This is because filming was completed in May 2022. Since then, Waterfield has shared in an interview with Variety how completing and releasing the movie as soon as possible is a priority for him. He said:

“Because of all the press and stuff, we’re just going to start expediting the edit and getting it through post production as fast as we can.”

Is Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Release Date in 2022?
Is Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Release Date in 2022?

A trailer for the comedy horror movie has also been released. And it too indicates that the movie will be here soon. Hopefully, viewers will be able to watch the movie this Halloween.

Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Trailer

A trailer was recently released in August 2022. The sneak peek shows Christopher returning to the hundred-acre wood with his fiancé, Mary. After years of separation, Christopher is back to meet his cuddly buds and introduce them to his soon-to-be wife. However, he comes back to the hundred acre wood only to find out his friends are now bloodthirsty animals.

The Rhys Waterfield-directed film’s trailer shows Winnie and Piglet on a rampage terrorizing people and killing them. It shows Christopher screaming and running. Overall, the trailer makes it clear that the movie and its characters are far from the Disney adaptation. Watch out the trailer below:

Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey Cast

Winnie the Pooh’s horror movie will feature a cast you have seen before in Rhys Waterfield’s movies. It will feature up and coming actor Craig David Dowsett as Winnie the Pooh. He will also be starring in another movie of the same genre titled The House That Zombies Built. This movie will release after Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey as it is still filming.

Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey Cast
Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey Cast

Chris Cordell will star as Piglet and join Winnie on his rampage of murders. He, too, has worked on movies of the same genre, with his first feature movie being The Curse of Humpty Dumpty. This was another movie that took characters from children’s stories and turned them into wicked creatures.

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Nikolai Leon will star as Christopher Robin, and Paula Coiz will play the role of his fiancé, Mary. Amber Doig-Thorne, who is working with Craig on The House That Zombies Built, will play the scream queen role. Joining her will be Natasha Tosini, Maria Taylor, Natasha Rose Mills, May Kelly, and Danielle Ronald.

Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Plot

Things have changed a lot in the 100 acre woods since Christopher Robin last visited. He left his friends to go to college, and they are not happy about it. After all, Pooh Bear, Piglet, and all his other animal friends no longer have food to eat and feel abandoned by their human friend.

And so, they return to their animalistic traits to survive. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are no longer the two cute animals we know them as. They have now turned into bloodthirsty animals who do not believe in friendship and wonders.

Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Plot
Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Plot

Furthermore, Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey will revolve around what happens when Christopher returns from college and visits the 100 acre woods along with his fiancé. It will show what happens once he discovers that his friends have changed and turned into savage animals.

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Besides Christopher and his fiancé, another group of college-aged women have come to the 100 acre woods. They rent out an isolated cabin there, looking for a retreat, only to find out their lives are now in danger.

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Both Pooh bear and Piglet are going to terrorize all those that have set foot in the 100 acre woods. But the question is, will they both change back to how they were by the end of the movie? Or will we see bloodshed with only Winnie the Pooh and Piglet surviving in the end? All these questions can be answered only after the movie is released.

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Stay tuned for more updates on Winnie the Pooh horror movie release date!

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