Is The Wild Rift Ornn Release Date In 2023?

League of Legends Wild Rift is a MOBA, fast-paced game by Riot Games. In this game, the players control the skills and abilities of champions to destroy the opponent’s Nexus and defeat them. The developers constantly update the game with new weapons, champion skills and in-game items. Recently, we learned about Wild Rift Ornn, a champion in the patch version 4.2, which will soon be released. Keep reading if you play the game and want to learn more about Wild Rift Ornn. 

Wild Rift Ornn: Release Date 

Wild Rift Ornn is scheduled to release on May 26 through the patch version 4.2. 

What’s New In Patch 4.2?

First and foremost, in the latest update, players will be able to download the following:

  • Fresh champions 
  • One Enemy 
  • Skins 
  • Item updates 
Is The Wild Rift Ornn Release Date In 2023?
Is The Wild Rift Ornn Release Date In 2023?

We also expect quality-of-life improvements in the item updates in patch 4.2. The preview of this update is available on the official YouTube channel of the game. The developers stated that the updates of patch 4.2 aim to satisfy all the players. 

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Wild Rift Ornn And Other New Champions Introduced 

There are three new champions in patch 4.2:

  • Wild Rift Ornn 
  • Wild Rift Volibear 
  • Wild Rift Swain 

Furthermore, we will see Ice Dragon, the new elemental enemy in the game. This enemy awaits the players and then slays them to make them rift snowy. Let us move to the next section to learn more about the new characters in the game, starting with Ornn. 

Wild Rift Ornn

Ornn is a character who is powerful enough to handle multiple hits. Furthermore, he can forge any items on the map without returning to the base. Also, he can craft items near the ally after reaching a new level. Consequently, the players can purchase them anywhere on the map. 


The second champion who will make a debut is Volibear. Unsurprisingly, the attack of the bear helps create impressive damage to the opponents. Additionally, his passive Relentless Storms gives him extra attack speed, which the players can use to deal bonus magic damage to the enemies present near them. 

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Swain is a tactical and mage master. However, what is unique about Swain is his demonic hand. With the move of his hands, he can nail the opponent right in place. The Vision of Empire is his second move that creates additional damage and is helpful in crowd-controlled enemies. Also, the players can convert him into his demonic mode through Demonic Ascension. This power allows the character to live such lives of opponents, champions, neutral monsters and minions. 

Ice Dragon: The Enemy 

Wild Rift Ornn will also introduce a new enemy called the Ice Dragon. The players will have difficulty slaying the dragon considering its impressive abilities. However, any player who kills the dragon gets access to the ability haste, which is valuable for the spell-singing champions. 

Additionally, the players will see Frozen Fruit across the wild in the patch update Playhem. If they use this fruit to attack their enemies, they will freeze them within the range of the blast. 

New Gameplay Items 

Patch 4.2 will introduce the following gameplay items: 

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  • Immortal Shieldbow: It increases the safety of Marksmen in the game. When the lives of the champions deplete to a certain level, the player can activate the unique Lifeline passive of the item. Subsequently, it will provide the champion with a temporary shield along with bonus attack damage. Also, one can use the in-built life steal ability of the item to increase its longevity. 
  • The Collector: Using this item, the player can combine attack damage, lethality and critical strike chance. The combination of the three makes this item deadly. When the players equip themselves with the Collector, they get to execute the enemy after they are damaged to a specific limit. 

The patch will further update Essence Reaver for Caster Marksmen, Phantom Dancer and Manamune. Also, the developers will expand the Galaxy Skin feature of the game. Are you excited about all the new additions and updates? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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