Who Killed Robert Wone Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Who killed Robert Wone? is a crime documentary based on a true story by Peacock and will be released soon. It revolves around a puzzling homicide in which Robert Wone, a young and passionate attorney, was murdered, making it the most peculiar incident of 2006 in America.

Moreover, the spine-chilling documentary is set to premiere in March 2023. The Peacock documentary series focuses on ironing out the awful plot in the investigation of the murder and allows us to ask the question, “Who Killed Robert Wone?” Let’s discuss the trailer and explore more about “Who Killed Robert Wone?”

What Is the Release Date of Robert Wone’s Documentary? 

The two-part documentary will be released on March 7, 2023. It is going to be premiered on Peacock. Fans are waiting eagerly for the most-hyped crime documentary series. Luckily, the wait is over, as the launch date is extremely close.

Who Killed Robert Wone Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer
Who Killed Robert Wone Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Who Killed Robert Wone? 

Reportedly, Victor Zaborsky stabbed his lawyer friend –Robert Wone, to death. On August 2, 2006, 32-year-old Robert Eric Wone was brutally murdered in a row house owned by one of his friends, Joseph Price. The property was also occupied by Price’s domestic partner, Victor Zaborsky, Dylan Ward, their acquaintance, and his (Joseph Price’s) rumored girlfriend. Victor Zaborsky called the police on the night of the assassination and delineated the case to the concerned authorities.

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According to the official outline by Peacock, the epoch-making events of the horrid night are:

It was a dark night of August 2, 2006, when Victor Zaborsky informed 911 regarding the horrifying incident of an intruder stabbing Robert Wone at home in Washington, D.C. Victor Zaborsky, Dylan Ward, and Joe Price were living together. Robert Wone was also sharing the room at the time of murder.

Howbeit, the police found the young attorney expired in the guest room with some blood at the location and no signs of a scuffle or burglary. Police suspicion significantly intensified towards the three housemates after the initial inquiry. According to the primary investigation, the corpse of Robert Wone indicated the manifestation of sexual abuse as well. After the interview, police found the case more complex, and the number of questions on Wone’s brutal death remarkably increased.

Cast of Who Killed Robert Wone 

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The documentary features top-notch actors, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, and legal commentator Bernie Grimm, ensuring it will leave the audience in awe upon release. Who Killed Robert Wone features legends, including the following:

  • Glenn Kirschner
  • Bernie Grimm
  • Matt Webb
  • Lucas Hyde
  • Vircell Dayap
  • Dylan Ward
  • Mike Corcoran
  • Joe Price
  • Victor Zaborsky
  • Kyle Porter
  • Mike Corcoran
  • Bryan Waid
  • Tyler Mercereau

What Does the Trailer of Who Killed Robert Wone Depict? 

The trailer’s beginning sets the dark theme, as the empty streets and dull light depict gloominess. Furthermore, the blinking lights convey a strong message of terror. Also, in this incident, fate and free will are significantly dominant. Interestingly, the speculations further intensify the somberness in the trailer, that the murderer may be dealing with repressed desires that made him kill his friend.

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Glenn Kirschner, a renowned former federal prosecutor and currently a legal analyst on MSNBC/NBC News, can be seen in the trailer of the soon-to-be-released documentary. He is witnessed saying that after his death, he will ask the first question to God, “Who killed Robert Wone?”

In addition, Glenn Kirschner was deeply involved in Robert Wone’s case. In the trial of ghastly homicide, he served as the chief prosecutor, as the project demanded his insights then.

Further, he put his thoughts across pertaining to the cold-blooded homicide of Robert Wone via Twitter. He revealed that he had handled a great number of cases in his 30-year career, including murder, arson, rape, conspiracy, RICO (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), and obstruction cases. Howbeit, nothing was as confounding as the case of Robert Wone’s killing. This case had more questions than answers.

Overall, Robert Wone’s brutal killing has taken the internet by storm. The case is terrifying as well as heartbreaking. It is one of the most gruesome stories true crime fans have ever experienced and will be officially available in two days. 

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