Wheel of Time Season 2 Release Date delayed on Amazon Prime

Wheel of Time is a series that was highly appreciated by the viewers and in fact, was also compared with Games of Thrones. After the viewers enjoyed the first season, the demand for Wheel of Time Season 2 was almost instantly. According to the latest news about Wheel of Time Season 2, Prime Video has finally announced that the Season 2 is finally completed. The second season of this fantasy action drama was completed after almost one year of filming where the majority of the filming took place in Morocco and Prague. The eight episodes of Wheel of Time Season 1 are available on Prime Video. 

Behind the scenes footage was shared on Twitter to celebrate the production wrap up of Wheel of Time Season 2. From the footage, the viewers can see the designs of the set along with stunt works. 

The Plot of Wheel of Time Season 2

The synopsis of Season 2 is also available. The setup of the second season is again in an epic world where magic exists and its access to women is limited. The story revolves around Moraine, who is a member of an all-female organization named Aes Sedai. She arrives in Two Rivers, which is a small town and from there, her journey, to be precise, her dangerous journey begins with five other young men and women. 

The Plot of Wheel of Time Season 2
The Plot of Wheel of Time Season 2

The series is based on a fantasy novel series that goes by the same name and is written by Robert Jordan. 

Release Date 

The renewal of the series was ordered in May 2021, this was even before the first season was aired. After the announcement of the renewal, there was hardly any news about Season 2 and the fans were left in the dark. The progress report about the second series was almost nil. However, recently the official Twitter page has announced that the production wrap is done. 

With the filming of the second season almost completed, one can expect to see Season 2 anytime soon. Amazon has still not announced a release date of Season 2. However, with the recent development of the series, it can be guessed that the release date of the second season is close. Sources have revealed that the series will not be available before October 2022. 

Wheel of Time Season 2 Casts 

Wheel of Time Season 2 Casts 
Wheel of Time Season 2 Casts

The casts of Wheel of Time Season 2 will include 

  • Rosamund Pike 
  • Daniel Henney 
  • Alvaro Morte 
  • Sophie Okonedo 
  • Kae Alexander 
  • Madeleine Madden 
  • Zoe Robins 
  • Michael McElhatton 
  • Barney Harris 
  • Marcus Rutherford 
  • Joshua Stradowski 
  • Priyanka Bose 
  • Taylor Napier 
  • Emmanuel Imani

New casts who are added in the second season include 

  • Ceara Coveney 
  • Natasha O’Keeffe
  • Meera Syal 
  • Ayoola Smart 


The first season was wonderful and the audiences won’t expect anything less from the second season. The second season is expected to be bolder, bigger and give a more expansive view of the series. The series is based on a fantasy novel series that comprises 14 novels. Therefore, the source material of the series is huge. The first season covered the first novel that goes by the name The Eye of the World and now the second season will cover the second book titled The Great Hunt. 

It is believed that the show will be featuring eight seasons at least. The plan is to tell the entire story of the book. However, while commenting on the same Rafe Judkins, the showrunner said that tending of the book was quite good and people watch the series and Amazon keeps giving the green light, the makers of the show will be more than happy to continue the series to cover the entire book. We will update this section once the release date of Wheel of Time Season 2 is announced.

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