EntertainmentWelcome to Eden Cast, Release Date, Storyline and Trailer

Welcome to Eden Cast, Release Date, Storyline and Trailer

Welcome to Eden is an upcoming television series on Netflix. It is a Spanish thriller show that is created by Guillermo Lopez Sanchez and Joaquín Górriz. The movie belongs to the thriller genre and the thrilling element of the series is visible from the trailer itself. Brutal Media is the production company involved and Netflix is the distributor. Most of the shooting of the movie took place in Teruel, Lanzarote and San Sebastian. Welcome to Eden is ready to grab the attention as visible from the attention-grabbing trailer. The rating of the series is TV-MA, meaning that it is designed for mature audiences only. The series will not be suitable for the under-age viewers. Therefore, it’s important for the viewers to tuck in the kids before starting the series. The first season of Welcome to Eden will feature eight episodes with a run time of 36-46 minutes.

Since it is a thriller series, the time will zoom in and the time will be hardly felt. All the eight episodes of Welcome to Eden will drop on the Netflix platform on 6th May at 12:00 a.m. PT or 3:00 a.m. ET.

Welcome to Eden Cast


The Welcome to Eden features the following actors as actresses:

  • Amaia Salamanca as Astrid
  • Begona Vargas as Bel
  • Berta Vazquez as Claudia
  • Belinda Peregrin as Africa
  • Ana Wagener
  • Lola Rodriguez as Maika
  • Sergio Momo as Nico
  • Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa
  • Guillermo Pfening as Erik
  • Albert Baro as Aldo
  • Claudia Trujilo as Brenda
  • Blanca Romero
  • Cesar Mateo
  • Ana Mena as Judit
  • Berta Castane as Gaby
  • Alex Pastrana as Ulises
  • Jason Fernandez as David
  • Tomas Aguiera as Charly

The cast of the series is impressive and their performance as seen in the trailers is quite impressive.

Release Date

The very first episode of Welcome to Eden will premiere on 6th May 2022. The first season of Welcome to Eden will feature eight episodes. The runtime of the episode is approximately 36 to 46 minutes.


The official synopsis of Welcome to Eden is out. The story of Welcome to Eden will revolve around Zoe and the other four attractive young people. All these people are extremely active on social networks. The group is invited to an exclusive party that is organized by a brand of a new drink. The party is planned on a secret island. This entire party element is like the beginning of an exciting journey but soon, things change to give these people a journey of a lifetime. What looked heavenly is no longer heavenly. The series belongs to the action and thriller genre.


The official trailer of Welcome to Eden is out and it is 1 minute and 53 seconds long. The trailer starts with a message that is delivered to a young girl stating that she is chosen by Eden by stating that they can help her to enjoy an immersive experience. Another lady is seen saying that they don’t know what lies ahead with a smile. The entire trip is conveyed as a lifetime experience. The shot then moves to a party ride. However, later once the party is over, the lady is shown saying Welcome to Eden. Then, basically, the entire world looks like one big prison filled with tons of adventure. The trailer looks very exciting.

Check official Trailer:

The production of the series started back in February 2021 and the wrap date of the series is not known. Welcome to Eden is an anticipated series. Are you planning to watch the series? If yes, with whom? We will update the reaction of the audience and the critics once the series is aired on the platform.

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