Spirited Away 2 Is Release Date Confirmed? (Latest Update)

By Amna Aslam | May 10, 2022

Is Spirited Away Renewed for a Sequel?

Spirited away has made a special place in the hearts of its fans. Therefore, for the past two decades, fans have been waiting for the release of Spirited Away 2. However, no official announcement on this matter has been made.

Unfortunately, the renewal of Spirited Away has not been announced. Therefore, we cannot say anything about the release date of Part 2.  Even if the studio decides to release Spirited Away Season 2, we will have to wait a good one or two years for its official release.

Spirited Away 2 Release Date


One thing that fans want to know about Spirited Away 2 is its cast. Fans are curious to know if they will see the old cast revive their roles in the sequel of Spirited Away since it has been almost 20 years since the movie was released.

Spirited Away 2 Cast

The story of Spirited Away revolves around a 10 year old who comes across an abandoned amusement Park along with her parents. The amusement Park is not a normal one and we see her losing her parents there.

Spirited Away 2 Plot

She then befriends Haku and with his help, she is unable to leave the park along with her parents. At the end of the first movie, we see her promising Haku that she will meet him again.

There is no official trailer released for Part 2. And it probably won’t until a release date is confirmed for the second movie.