Release Date, Cast and Where Is Zurg?

Lightyear Animated Movie by Pixar


Lightyear is the newest one in the iconic Toy Story Lineup from Pixar that is going to come out soon.


In 1995, Disney’s animation studio released its first....

Lightyear Release Date – When is the Movie Coming Out?

Pixar’s Lightyear will be released on June 17, 2022, three months before Turning Red.

Angus MacLane Said, “I can definitely see the finish line. and ......

Lightyear Cast – Who is in it?

Actor in the Lightyear voice cast is Chris Evans, who will play the film’s title character and..

Is there Really a Robot Cat?

It looks like there is a robot cat named Sox in the trailer. Sox appears to startle Lightyear into a karate

Is Zurg Going to be in Lightyear?

There have been rumors that Evil Emperor Zurg will appear since this is...

Lightyear Plot

Despite its title, this film is not a prequel to..... Read more to learn more about Lightyear