Is Superman & Lois Season 3 Confirmed by CW?

The series starts with Superman and Lois returning to Smallville to deal with the challenge of raising two kids while working. As the story progresses, they face multiple issues, including vanquishing villains and monsters.

Earlier this year, CW officially confirmed the news of Superman & Lois season 3. However, so far, there is no news about the release of the upcoming season.

We believe the plot will pick up right from where season 2 ended, and if you have seen its finale, then you know who the big villain might be.

Recently one of the main leads, Elizabeth Tulloch, gave a little teaser about the big villain in one of her recent interviews for Superman & Lois.

At the start of the series a white board with the name of Professor Donner AKA Richard Donner can be seen in Lois and Superman’s house. Richard Donner was the director of Superman in 1978.