Giovanni Pokémon GO – How to find Giovanni?

The task won’t be easy this time either, as the leaders have switched up some of their team members. And the most lethal one of them, Giovanni, is bringing back the shadow Legendary.

This one is the easiest Pokémon to fight, so it is natural for Giovanni to send this one first. So, keep in mind the perfect encounters. For Machamp, it must be a dynamic punch.

The second fighter can also be Machamp. It is not hard to beat him if you make use of the Flying, Psychic, or Fairy kind of strategy.

The best counters to use are; Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ice type. This is how you should deal with them; for Gengar, it is Shadow Ball. For Salamence, it must be Dragon Tail.

The lineup of Giovanni can make your health deplete at a faster rate. And this is what makes him so deadly.