Best AnimeUrusei Yatsura Release Date, Trailer, Characters, And Plot

Urusei Yatsura Release Date, Trailer, Characters, And Plot

Is it just me or sometimes your day is not going well as well nothing looked to be going right. And everything you do get messed up some might get into an accident, some might get into a fight or some might get convinced to play a game that might decide your fate.

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about this famous series in which the players play a game that turn’s out to be ending the world along with the involvement of an alien princess.

And if this seems a lot then you should definitely go and watch the show!  The main character of the show Urusei Yatsura will be shown as not having much good luck and in fact, he’s going to end up in such a situation where he will be responsible for such chaos in the entire world.

And thankfully this case is not the worst-case scenario for Ataru. As his story is getting recognition once again. And what do we mean by once again? Well, this show is not the 1st time it was adapted from the manga series of 1978. In the year 1981, this show was run till 1986 and was a huge success of that time.

Thus it was decided by the makers that the show needs some recognition after so many years. And we can expect to see this series in a whole new avatar. Also, this animation series is going to be animated by David Production. What else can an animated fan expect? So, let’s dive in and see what do we know about the show so far.

Urusei Yatsura Release date

As per the report, the updates about the adaptation of this new series  “Urusei Yatsura” was released on 1st of January Edition off a Japanese newspaper named Sankei Shimbun. During that time when the announcement was made as a promotional image in the newspaper and only some information about the show was provided.

Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura

However, this show is going to be first released on Japanese Television, and later on, it will be released on an official site.  Also, the series is now available on YouTube and the trailer showed the show is going to be out anytime in 2022.

Even though, the makers have not made any official announcement about the exact date on which the show is going to be premiered and it is more likely that the fans are not going to see the movie until summer. However, we will keep you updated once any news about the show is provided.

Urusei Yatsura Characters

As of now, we have only been notified about one character of the show  “Urusei Yatsura,” played by Ataru Moroboshi. Other than him there are a lot of other characters who are going to be present in the story.

Urusei not only is a high schooler but will be the most strong and fearless man in the entire world. Even though his alien wife didn’t seem to be a lot concerned about this nature and loved him. As per the report, it was mentioned that  Ataru has been voiced by the star Hiroshi Kamiya.

And if we talked about at the other news fiance alien with blue hair would be the part of this unique anime romance while opposed Melody would be very impressive and Cherry he lacks a lot of knowledge about the entire Mankind and causes Trouble.  She will be voiced by the famous star Sumire Uesaka.

Urusei Yatsura Plot

As no official announcement has been made about the release, no official plot has been out yet. However, here is what we are expecting the story to be.  As it was discussed earlier the story is mainly focused on all the adventures of  Ataru and how he accidentally proposed to his alien princess.  But Ataru would be shown as a flirty character who only wished to take advantage of her.

Furthermore, it was seen that Lum’s race visited the earth to declare war and conquer Earth. Later on Ataru will be chosen to represent the earth in this game and fighter against aliens in the game called Tag. Also, he would be fighting against Lum. And to help Ataru in this game Lum keeps motivating him and also promises to get married to him after the game.

Eventually, Ataru wins the game against Lum and was all overwhelmed and expressed his thoughts to be marrying his girlfriend. However, Lum took this expression like a proposal from Ataru and agreed to marry him.

Now having such an alien fiance has got  Ataru involved in a lot of situations including aliens, ghosts, and many other creatures. So do not forget to watch the show and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite show and your favorite characters.

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