Unforgotten Season 5- Is the Crime Series Making a Comeback?

Unforgotten is one of ITV’s most watched crime TV series. Its remarkable plot is second to none and lures viewers in with its suspense filled scenarios. The show features a London detective group under the authority of DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan as they unravel the mysteries of cold cases and find the killers of some pretty intense and ruthless murders. Unforgotten currently consists of four spectacular seasons and fans are eagerly waiting for a fifth one. When will this fifth season be released? What will be its plot? Will there be any new additions in the cast? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Unforgotten Season 5. 

Unforgotten Season 5 Release Date

The first season of the series made its debut in October 2015. After fifteen months, we got another season in January 2017 followed by Season 3 in July 2018. The latest season aka the fourth season premiered in February 2021. Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait long for confirmation of a fifth season as the producers officially announced the series renewal for another season only a few days after Season 4’s finale premiered. 

The official release date has not been announced till now. However, based on statistics, the fifth season will probably be released somewhere between spring and summer of 2022. 

Currently, the script for the new season is being written as confirmed by creator Chris Lang who tweeted on July 8 telling fans that he is back in Soho and writing Unforgotten Season 5. It’ll take a few months for him to complete the script and for editors to make the final touches. Another few months will be required for filming and production. Thus, there is still a long way to go for season 5 to be ready for release. 

Unforgotten Season 5 Cast

Each season of Unforgotten has a different cast as new actors are required for each new case. However, two main characters, Cassie and Sunny, return every-time. Unfortunately, Cassie played by Nicola Walker won’t be returning for Season 5 as she died in Season 4’s penultimate episode. 

The cast members returning for season 5 include:

Unforgotten Season 5

  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan- Cassie’s second in command who helps her in solving cases which have remained unsolvable for several years. 
  • Lewis Reeves -DC Jake Collier- A detective on Cassie and Sunny’s team. 
  • Carolina Main -DC Fran Lingley- A detective in Cassie and Sunny’s team. 
  • Michelle Bonnard -Sal- Sunny’s love interest. 


Each season of Unforgotten deals with a new cold case. In the first season, detectives Cassie and Sunny try to chase down the murderer of a young 17 year old boy after his remains are found around a house getting demolished. Season 2 featured the case of a young married man, David Walker, whose skeleton is found in a suitcase in River Lea. 

The third season dealt with the murder of Haley Reid, a schoolgirl. Her skeleton was found at the M1 motorway by workmen while they were doing some repairs.  Season 4 revolved around the death of Matthew Welsh after his corpse was found frozen and headless. 

Apart from the murders, the show also focuses on character development of the two main characters, Cassie and Sunny. Their love lives and family relationships are a major part of each season. 

Unfortunately, Cassie dies of brain injuries due to a car accident in Season 4 and will now be replaced by a new detective who will be Sunny’s partner. This newly formed duo will set out to solve another unsolvable mysterious murder case in Season 5.

The producers and writers haven’t released much information about what the new case will be and whether it will be just as gruesome as the previous murders. We also don’t know who will replace Cassie as of yet. 

Unforgotten Season 5 Trailer

Writing for Season 5 is currently in progress. Once it is complete and filming begins, we will get a small teaser/trailer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Unforgotten? 

All four seasons of Unforgotten are available on Netflix, ITV Player, Virgin TV and BritBox. You can also watch it for free on STV Player but there will be a lot of ads so beware!

Who will replace Cassie in Season 5? 

Creator Chris Lang posted a blurred picture of the script with only one name visible- Faith. She is probably Cassie’s replacement for Season 5. 

Were Cassie and Sunny romantically involved with each other? 

Although they did share a kiss once, their relationship was completely platonic.

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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