Transformers Earthspark Paramount+ Release Date

The love for animated series is seen worldwide, and that is part of the reason why these animated series keep coming. Every year technology keeps getting more advanced, and thus, the animation in the new series is top-notch. Transformers Earthspark is an upcoming animated TV series based on the transformer robots. Moreover, the Transformers franchise has been running successfully for more than 30 years now. Multiple television series and movies have been released based on the Transformers storyline.

Transformers Earthspark is an upcoming American animated television series. Furthermore, it is based on Hasbro and Takara’s Transformers toy line. Nickelodeon Animation is responsible for the production of the Transformers Earthspark, and Paramount + is the streaming partner. Transformers, the name is not a stranger to anyone; everyone knows about the Transformers. The series have long been in the business now for everyone to know about the robots that turn into cars. New York Comic Con 2022 just ended a few weeks ago. Moreover, the Transformers Earthspark trailer was debuted in a panel at the New York Comic Con. The show producers and voice cast members were present at the Comic-Con panel to interact with the fans.

Transformers Earthspark Release Date

The release date for the upcoming computer-animated series (Transformers Earthspark) has been confirmed officially, and it is coming out this November. Moreover, the series will be available to watch on the streaming platform on 11th November 2022 onwards. Transformers Earthspark season 1 will consist of a total of 10 episodes. Episode 1 will release next month, on 11th November 2022. The fans are excitedly waiting for the animated series to come out. Furthermore, after watching the action-packed trailer at the New York Comic Con, the audience was left wanting more.

Transformers Earthspark Release Date
Transformers Earthspark Release Date

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About Transformers Earthspark Storyline / Plot

The Transformers franchise has been running for a long time now, and the name in itself is an introduction. However, if you are someone who has never watched Transformers, the key information is that these are robots which turn into cars. These robots disguise themselves as cool cars as to stay under the radar on Earth. Moreover, they also take on missions side by side. Transformers Earthspark will introduce a new generation of Transformers robots that are called Terrans. Moreover, they are the first Transformers robots to be born on the planet Earth. The humans will welcome them in and care for them. Furthermore, both the Transformers along with the humans will redefine the meaning of how to live like a family.

Transformers Earthspark Storyline / Plot
Transformers Earthspark Storyline / Plot

The Transformers Earthspark’s genre is that of science fiction, action, and action comedy. The creators announced about the series’ arrival earlier this year in February of 2022. They also promised that the release date would be somewhere around the end of the year. The show creators fulfilled their promise, and the series indeed will release in November of 2022. Entertainment One is responsible for the series’ distribution. Moreover, the animated series has a very talented voice cast. Ant Ward, Ciro Nieli, Nicole Dubuc, and Dale Malinowski are the executive producers for Transformers Earthspark.

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Transformers Earthspark Voice Cast

  • Nolan North will voice Swindle and Hardtop – these two are the Decepticon brothers and are mischievous. Swindle is always finding ways to take advantage of a condition. While Hardtop is experienced in tracking.
  • Michael T Downey voices the Wheeljack’s character – Wheeljack is an inventive mechanic as well as a long-term scientist Autobot.
  • Marc Evan Jackson ( from Brooklyn Nine-Nine ) voices Agent Schloder.
  • Sean Kenin Reyes voices the Soundwave’s character.
  • Nicole Dubuc voices Skywarp and Nova Storm – Skywarp and Nova Storm were allies in the Decepticons squad.
  • Martha Marion as Arcee – Arcee is an experienced Autobot.
  • Kari Wahlgren, as Executive Agent Croft – is the mastermind among the Autobots.
  • Daran Norris voices Mr. Smelt.
Transformers Earthspark Voice Cast
Transformers Earthspark Voice Cast

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Stay tuned for more updates on Transformers Earthspark.

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