Transformers 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

The news of canceling Transformers 7 got fans thinking that this is the end of the franchise, with Transformers: The Last Knight being the final movie in the long-running series of films. Michael Bay was directing the first five movies, whereas Travis Knight directed the sixth, which is a spinoff, namely Bumblebee.

However, Michael Bay says he no longer has any interest in the Transformers franchise. He is currently in a deal with Netflix and working on other projects. So it is safe to say we can wave goodbye to the person who made the franchise what it is right now with his exceptional direction and skills.

Transformer 7 Release Date

It is in the talks, and there are some pretty solid rumors that we are getting a Transformers 7. But as we know, rumors are still rumors, and there is still no credible resource to verify this news. Paramount themselves are quiet on this matter. Fans speculate that the 7th installment to the Transformers franchise may go by the name of “Transformers: Rise of Unicron.”

Transformers 7

Much to the fans’ dismay, it was put out in 2018 that Paramount was canceling Transformers 7. The movie then was set to release on June 28th, 2019. Well, now it’s 2021, and things still aren’t looking perfect.

Experts suggest the movie’s cancellation because of the tiny revenue brought in by “Transformers: The Last Knight.” The film was a flop in the eyes of many.

A Ray of Hope For Transformers 7!

There is an announcement made by paramount that there will be a new Transformers movie in 2022, precisely June 24th. It is unclear whether it is a spinoff or a continuation of the main story. But this is great news, which means Paramount has not given up on the Transformers franchise yet. So, the fans can still hope that there can be a Transformers 7 sometime soon, maybe.