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Trails from Zero Gets Limited and Deluxe Editions: We Have Exciting Information About Release Date!

NISA and NISA Europe have announced limited and deluxe versions, as well as some merchandising, for the forthcoming JRPG Trails from Zero. Pre-orders will be available throughout Europe on Monday, January 17th. If you live in the United States, you may now pre-order through the NISA web store.

This was not the surprise that many fans expected, but to be frank, we should have seen it coming.

The game, a hardback artbook, the music on CD, a cloth poster, a miniature acrylic stand with chibi figures, a steel book, and unique packaging are all included in the limited edition. This version of the game is only available through NISA’s online shop and costs $89.99 in the United States.

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Meanwhile, the deluxe version comes with digital audio as well as a tiny artbook. According to NISA, if you have already pre-ordered the regular edition on its website, you will be immediately elevated to the deluxe edition.

Deluxe editions are great, and yet we still don’t know when Trails from Zero will be released. NISA has stated that the game will be released in Autumn 2022 — or Fall for those of you in the United States.

Original Story

NIS America, the developer behind the Trails series in the West, is promising something for January 14th. More precisely, it’s suggesting something related to Trails from Zero, a PlayStation 4 RPG planned to debut sometime this year, in Q3.

NISA’s tweet simply states, “We have ZERO things to talk about tomorrow…”

Trails from Zero
Trails from Zero

What else could it possibly be? Given that the game has previously been announced for other platforms such as Nintendo Switch and Steam, we expect this to be a verification of a release date. Trails from Zero may arrive earlier than expected if we’re really lucky, but we wouldn’t get our expectations up.

About The Epic Game

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, and The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails now have shop pages. If you’re familiar with the Trails series in Japan, these are the translated titles for Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Hajimari no Kiseki, and Nayuta no Kiseki, in that order.

NIS America publishes all of the games. We can collect some information from the shop pages, but keep in mind that some of them may be stopgaps or transitory. Trails into Reverie will include dual English and Japanese sound, while the rest appear to use Japanese audio with English subtitles. (While the Nayuta website only displays JP voice and text, this is most likely a mistake.)

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Trails from Zero is also set to be released in the fall of 2022, while the others are set to be released in 2023, according to these sites. It should be noted that this does not necessarily imply that the games will be restricted to the Epic Games Store on PC since Trails of Cold Steel III and Trails of Cold Steel IV are also accessible on EGS in addition to Steam.

It’s also likely that console versions of these games will be released before PC versions, however, this is only conjectured at the time.

If You Are Not Already Familiar

  • Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are two games that take place between the Trails in the Sky trilogy and the Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy (in other words, they are the fourth and fifth games in the overall series, sometimes referred to as the ‘Crossbell Duology’). They have long remained unlocalized into English, serving as a “missing gap” in the tale that international players have just lately had the opportunity to complete through fan translating efforts. The games were first published in Japan for the PSP in 2010/2011, and have subsequently been ported to the PlayStation 4, Vita, and Switch. 
  • Trails into Reverie is the fourth game in the Trails of Cold Steel series, after Trails of Cold Steel IV. It was launched for the PS4 in Japan last year, and a Switch version is on the way.
  • The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is a series offshoot unconnected to the main Trails narrative, featuring gameplay characteristics more akin to previous Falcom products such as Zwei II. It was initially launched in Japan for the PSP in 2012, and a PS4 remaster was released last year.

The Plot

Lloyd Bannings returns to his homeland to follow the lead of his late brother and join the Crossbell Police Dept. He is, however, posted to a ragged new section known as the Specialized Support Section, which conducts odd chores and assists those in need. However, he and his new colleagues gradually realize that their bright metropolis has a dark illegal underbelly…as well as a few horrific secrets.

Crossbell is back in this exciting episode of the acclaimed The Legend of Heroes series! Crossbell, the scene of a continuous territorial conflict between the Erebonian Kingdom and the Republic of Calvard, has grown into a rich city-state and one of the continent’s most important commercial hubs.

Despite being criticized by the media and despised by the rest of the CPD, Lloyd and his pals continue to battle to make their city a better place. However, as they progress, they are forced to confront the criminal corruption that has gripped their city.

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