EntertainmentTop Boy Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, and Cast with New Faces

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, and Cast with New Faces

Top Boy Season 4: The return of Top Boy in 2019 marks the show’s biggest revival in six years, and fans of the show were happy about it.

Despite facing cancelation by Channel 4 after just two seasons, Drake, a big fan of the series, brought it back to life. He is collaborating with Netflix for a ten-part revival. The series is set in London’s Hackney and follows drug dealers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane’ Kano’ Robinson). As well as a stellar supporting cast that includes Nicholas Pinnock, Michaela Coel, Letitia Wright, David Hayman, and Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong.

During the Evening Standard’s Stories Festival in September this year, Ronan Bennett commented on how the show shows reality and shines a light on discrimination.

“I belong to a group that has been demonized, so I understand how important it is to highlight that people are complicated – they can do bad things and good things.”

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Ashley Walters, who starred in Top Boy, also spoke at the event. “You can’t always show up on set and be a superhero,” he said. “People like my insecurities and anxieties about my performance.” “And there’s more than just gritty drama; there’s hope too – because often, these people do not know any better. Top Boy means growth to me.”

People have been comparing the show to the highly acclaimed drama The Wire in the first three seasons. However, TV critics note that, while the first two seasons were excellent for Channel 4. 

However, the third in 2019 was even better because Netflix gave showrunners an impressive 10 episodes to work with.

Top Boy Season 4: Why it’s Season 2 Too?

We’ll clear up any confusion right away: the upcoming season will mark Top Boy’s fourth season. However, some places may also refer to it as ‘season two’ because it is the second run since it has launched on Netflix.

Ashley Walters is certainly happy to be collaborating with the streamer. “Top Boy represents the street culture in its raw, unadulterated form,” he told Vice. “It shows how these characters make the choices they do and shows a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening on our streets today. We need to talk about this, and this show gives us a platform to do so.

Top Boy Season 4
Top Boy Season 4

“We cannot change things if we don’t acknowledge and understand them first. Netflix is a perfect platform for this show because few networks would be so brave as to do it this way.”

In Top Boy season four, what lies ahead for Walters’ drug dealer Dushane, Kane’ Kano’ Robinson’s Sully as they compete with each other to survive the mean streets of London?

Everything you need to know is right here.

Top Boy Season 4 Premiere Date: When Will It Appear on Netflix?

The news of Top Boy’s return for a third season was first reported two years ago, which means we know about season four for quite some time.

Since season three’s premiere in 2017, we had to wait two years for season four – that is, until 2020s delays hit the TV industry.

Drake confirmed new episodes at the start of last year, and Netflix then confirmed the news a month or two later. However, despite being set to start production that spring, the pandemic caused the project to be suspended.

In December 2020, it was announced that filming had begun again in London. In a video clip posted to Netflix’s official Twitter account, Ashley Walters and Kano share the news: “We’re obviously shooting Top Boy. You asked for it, here it is. Netflix. Let’s go.”

Walters told NME’s Friends Like These that the project is going well. “The scripts are great, really tight. This time around, we’re approaching it from a different angle. Because I’m executive producing, which means my involvement is much more involved creatively and script-wise.”

In addition to talking about how the pandemic’s impact halt’s the production, he notes. “Due to COVID, we’ve lost so many locations that we’re just moving from one to the next. One day we’re doing [episode] 6, the next day one, then three.

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“We’ve had a tough time, but rest assured that we’ve got another banger for you. It’s definitely going to be good.”

There was a promo poster post by Ashley Walters for what appears to be season 4 of Top Boy, which premieres in March 2022. Dushane’s face appears on the poster with the words ‘before’ scrawled across it in graffiti. Earlier this year, an announcement confirmed the March 18th, 2022 release date. You can see the promo here on Netflix’s official account

Top Boy Season 4 Cast Who’s In?

Ashley Walters will play the show’s patriarch Dushane, and its protagonist Kane Robinson aka Kano will be playing Sully will be played by Kano (real name ).

Michael Ward will be playing Jamie’s role, Shelley’s by Little Simz, and Jaq’s by Jasmine Jobson.

Hope Ikpoku Jr. and Araloyin Oshunremi will be portraying Jamie’s brothers Aaron and Steph, while Keiyon Cook plays Atz.

There are, of course, characters who are unlikely to return. Ricky Smart’s character, Jason, dies tragically in a house fire in episode four of the last season. Additionally, fans point out that we didn’t actually see Sully shoot Dris after he betrayed Dushane in the final episode.

After the show aired, Dave won a Mercury Award for portraying the manic escapee Modie. After Sully’s acid attack, he became partially blind. The police later shoot him after his dangerous driving left him out in the open.

It is unclear whether or not Saffron Hocking’s character, Lauryn, will return next season since she is currently in hiding.

Top Boy Season 4 Plot What’s Going to Happen?

The last season ended with Dushane offering a lifeline to Jamie. Who ends up in prison after taking the blame for his brother’s arrest. Dushane obtains footage of Atz placing a backpack of guns at Jamie’s home. He then offers him two options: work for Dushane and join his organization or stay behind bars.

But can Jamie be trusted by Dushane? As we all know, Jamie overthrew Modie and Leyton to become ZT’s leader. Will he do the same to Dushane and Sully?

Currently, Jamie’s younger brothers Aaron and Stefan are without their older brother to protect them. In the final episode, Atz betrayed Stef and Jamie, and since Jamie now knows the truth, we are left to wait and see what happens.

A blossoming relationship between Dushane and Shelley, who looks after his mother, grew gradually during the season. Well, this is hinting that the kingpin may finally be ready for marriage, as well as reuniting with his own children.

A shaken-up Lauryn was staying with Shelley at the end of the season. Laura, the younger sister to Jaq, beats up by her sister after they discover it was her who leaks the information to Leyton.

The firing of shots at Sully was a result of this. In the face of death, Dushane tells Lauren to leave Summerhouse – and even gave money to Jaq to send her away – but did she really leave?

Finally, we have drug addicts Lee and Sarah, who reveal to be undercover police officers at the end of the series. Since they are aware of both Dushane and Jamie’s gangs, could they rumble both organizations?

Top Boy Season 4 Trailer Is it Out Yet?

No, unfortunately, no trailer for the upcoming season is out yet. Season 4 could be similar as the season 3 trailer was released a month before the season aired. Check back often for more news, photos, videos, and more. Be sure to follow us!

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