The Crown Season 5 Release Date Announced

The Crown is one of the leading historical drama TV shows on Netflix that features the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. From her marriage to her coronation to the Suez Crisis and the election of different Prime ministers. The show covers important historical events in Britain’s mid and late 20th century and quite a few love affairs. Several critics have praised this top-rated series for its sensational acting, production, and direction. The first four seasons covered the 20th century, and now, viewers are curious regarding the release of the fifth season, which will cover the events of the 21st century. So is there even going to be a fifth season? What will happen in it? When The Crown Season 5 will release? Keep on reading to find out the latest information regarding the release of the Crown Season 5. 

What is the plot of Crown Seasons 1-4? 

Let us quickly go through the major events that take place in the first four seasons before we discuss the fifth season.

the crown season 5 release date

Recap of Season 1

Released in November 2016, the first season of the Crown features the reigning era of Queen Elizabeth II. The season begins with the marriage of the renounced Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark, who goes by the name of Philip Mountbatten to Princess Elizabeth, the next in line kin of King George VI. It also features the birth of their children, namely Charles and Anne, and the terminal diagnosis of King George. The severely ill King gives Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Phillip instructions on how to help Elizabeth in her duties as Queen. He then dies, and Elizabeth becomes the new sovereign.

She actually finds the news of her father’s death while on tour with her husband, Phillip. Phillip is not really a good choice for the future sovereign as he is brash and loves to run off to parties. Elizabeth’s coronation takes place, and she faces some issues as she realizes that her husband will not obey her. Eventually, they end up fighting a lot, and one of their fights even gets caught by the paparazzi!  To decrease tensions, she sends Phillip off on a five-month tour of the Commonwealth. Meanwhile, Winston Churchill struggles due to his ill health and gives up his title as Prime Minister, who Anthony Eden then takes up. 

Recap of Season 2

The second season was available for the fans almost two years after the first one. It deals with Elizabeth and Phillip’s rocky relationship. At one point, Elizabeth also believes that her husband is cheating on her when she discovers a picture of a Russian Ballerina in his briefcase. At the end of the season, Elizabeth suspects that her husband is in the Profumo Affair, a British Sex Scandal. She confronts Phillip, who denies it and proclaims his undying love for her. Then, Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister, falls for a notorious ladies man, Antony, and marries him. In this season, Elizabeth also exiles her uncle Edward on account of the Marburg Files, which reveals his relationships with the Nazi regime. 

Recap of Season 3

Charles, Elizabeth’s son, falls in love with Camilla Shand, but she marries her long-time boyfriend, Andrew. While this love affair is a failure, there is also another failing marriage in this season; Margaret and Antony’s. They end up getting divorced, and Margaret moves on to a new man, Roddy Llewellyn. She ends up getting very depressed and even attempts to take her own life in the season’s finale. This makes Elizabeth extremely vulnerable. The two end up patching their relationship, which had become quite rocky in the first season when Elizabeth forced Margaret to leave her first love, Peter Townsend. Apart from tragic love lives and family reunions. The season also features Phillip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, who plans a coup to unseat Prime Minister Harold Wilson. 

Recap of Season 4 

The Crown Season 5 Release Date Announced

This season deals with the death of Lord Mountbatten. And the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime minister, which Prince Phillip is quite skeptical about. She turns out to be a powerful character. And ends up firing the old ministers and replacing them with new ones to have a completely loyal cabinet. Prince Charles also meets his wife Diana in this season. The season also deals with the 1982 Paris-Dakar Race Disaster. Thatcher loses her son, the Falkland War, Michael Fagan breaking into the palace to seek help from her Royal Highness regarding Thatcher’s harsh policies, and Diana and Charles’s rocky relationship.

Then, Margaret who undergoes lung surgery and goes into severe depression. Thus, she moves to an island abroad to seek respite. There is also a lot of political unrest as an article is published in the news that said that Queen Elizabeth is unhappy with Thatcher’s social politics and the state of the country altogether. Overall, season 4 deals with complications in love life, political issues, and the importance of mental health. 

Where can I watch the first four seasons of the Crown?

All four seasons of The Crown are available on Netflix in premium quality. The online streaming platform allows viewers to view the show in a variety of different languages and subtitles in English and other languages. 

Will there be a Season 5 of the Crown?

From Golden Globes to Emmy’s to several other awards. The Crown has been an absolute hit, and thus, it is no surprise that the show has been renewed for a new season! Not only this, but Netflix has also confirmed that they will add new seasons to the series in the future. 

Release Date of The Crown Season 5

Unfortunately, there has not been any official announcement regarding the release of Crown Season 5. However, productions have been confirmed to start in July 2021. In fact, Netflix has also started announcing names of the members of the new royal cast.

Season 5 will most probably premiere in 2022. This means that there will be quite a long gap between season 4 and season 5. Although, it is quite usual for the Crown. As the series had a whole 2-year gap between the second and third seasons. 

What will happen in the Crown Season 5?

The Crown Season 5 will most probably cover the early 1990’s up until the end of the early Noughties as it has already been confirmed that season 5 will take the series into the early 21st century. It will be full of eventful situations, from the divorce of three of the Queen’s children to the death of Diana, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother. The series will also feature the fire at Windsor Castle, which forced the Queen to open Buckingham Palace to the general public to raise funds for restoration. It will be quite an exciting season full of spicy situations that will make viewers fall in love with the series. 

Final Verdict

The Crown is one of the most-watched series on Netflix and definitely deserves all the acclaims and praises. Four seasons of this spectacular show are clearly not enough, and fans can barely wait for the arrival of the fifth season, which will make its debut in about a year.

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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