Terrorism has no Religion

I am writing this article with a heavy and saddened heart. I am trying very hard to find words but I can’t make it describe what was going to the Christchurch, New Zealand victims and what is going with their families?

Those all martyred were the immigrants/refugees who were getting settled very far from their home for a peaceful life. This is not the first time we see this kind of terrorism but we had faced the same on 22 July 2011 in Oslo, Norway when a domestic terrorist killed 77 Norwegians just to give a message to their government that we need to stop these Muslim immigrants.

I have read an official report in which it was mentioned that when police department investigated him, in his statement he said “I am inspired by a Right-wing ideological infrastructure and I did this terrorism because I don’t want to see this growing Muslims community in the Europe and I am afraid after some decades we will become minorities in our own countries”.

This Nazi mindset number is gradually increasing and showed us result in the last attack which was happened in New Zealand’s mosque and took 49 precious lives.

At this terror attack, the world was shocked in the same way as they showed on others like, do Flowers march and condolence to the families. But my question is why we are not standing against this Islam phobia Mindset terror? Are we waiting for attacks over attacks worldwide?

We are doing nothing but to blame each other’s religion by relating terrors to the religion but In fact, not a single religion in the world allows their believers to do this kind of terrorism and definitely we are giving a win situation to that Islam phobia mindset and their agendas in the way of creating hate for each other’s community.

In the same context whenever I look at the world politics, Right-wing ideology always make hate against Islam in their manifesto and many times they said “Oh Islam is the disease in the society and we need to vaccinate it”.

So when these so-called world leaders give their mandate on hate and encourage their followers to be on the path of White Supremacy, then we must step out and reject them. I have dream for a peaceful world for me as well for my coming generation otherwise future generation will not forgive us on our silence. !!

If I put the responsibility of my all questions on the shoulder of the world leaders then it will not be injustice because they have great influence by their words and actions. Either leadership belongs to the Muslim world or the non-Muslim worlds all are growing their groups to destroy the peace of the world.

When from your own home you will not raise your voice on injustice and waiting for others to stand then the result will come in the form of announcing mentally disorder and Islamist terrorist.

I repeat Terrorism has no religion !!

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