EntertainmentTed Lasso Season 2 Release Date in July 2021

Ted Lasso Season 2 Release Date in July 2021

Premiered the show in August 2020. But Ted Lasso won the hearts of thousands of people across the globe. The comedy series has managed to get quite a few laughs out of its huge fan base. It follows the story of an American college football coach, Ted Lasso. Who takes on the responsibility to coach a professional football team in London. What do you do when you have no prior experience or knowledge regarding your field? You wing it, and that’s what Ted Lasso did as well. Although the first season ended with his team getting demoted from the Premier League, Lasso really did give his best. Now, fans are curious to know whether the AFC Richmond team will work hard enough to win back their position in the Premier League. Will fans get Ted Lasso Season 2? Is Ted Lasso Season 2 already in the making? Keep on reading to find out the latest updates regarding Ted Lasso Season 2. 

What is the plot of Ted Lasso Season 1? 

Ted Lasso is an American football coach in a college but gets recruited to coach an English Football Premier League Club called the AFC Richmond. Initially, Rebecca Welton hires Lasso to take the team to its doom but ends up really liking him; he manages to melt her stone-cold heart with his positive outlook and pure intentions. However, despite great efforts, the team loses their place in the Premier League after losing to Manchester City.

Apart from this, the first season also features strong female leads and complicated love lives. Keeley Jones is one such character who leaves her toxic football boyfriend because she realizes she’s capable of doing much more! She has to be one of our favorite characters; after all, who can not love a strong woman who knows what she deserves! But, then, there is also Ted’s wife- or should we say, ex-wife. She ends up taking their son and going back to the States.

Ted Lasso Season 2

Who are the main characters? 

The main characters featured in Ted Lasso are-

  • Ted Lasso himself-The Football Coach
  • Rebecca Welton- The Owner of AFC Richmond
  • Leslie Higgins- The Director of Football Operations who initially wants the team to lose as well, but Lasso melts his heart too
  • Jamie Tartt- One of the amazing football players
  • Roy Kent- The Aging Midfielder who ends up getting a knee injury that might end his career 
  • Keeley Jones- Jamie’s ex and Roy’s current girlfriend- we do love a good love affair! 

Will there be a second season? 

After winning several awards, including golden globes and Critics’ Choice Television awards, it is no surprise that Ted Lasso is all set to return for a second season. In fact, the show has also been confirmed for a third season! Honestly, the first season gained so much popularity that even if they renewed the series for a fourth season, it would be no surprise. Unfortunately, the producers have said that the third season might be the last season, but we’re praying they change their minds. 

When will Ted Lasso Season 2 release?

As the show is an Apple TV Plus original, Apple TV released the premiere date of Ted Lasso season 2. The series is going to air on June 23, 2021, which is just around the corner! The fact that it has taken less than a year for the second season to air makes us love Ted Lasso even more! 

What will happen in Ted Lasso Season 2?

Now that the team’s league status has been lowered, the main goal of the second season will be to get them back to their original position. This new season will most likely end. 

AFC Richmond’s losing streak and allow them to get back on the map. Ted will also struggle to adjust to a life without his wife and son. Apart from this, there is a blooming relationship between Keeley and Roy. Roy must also adapt to his new life- a life on the sidelines. This new season will be super exciting, and it will focus more on the personal lives of the team members, their coach, and their owner, who might have found a new love interest! 

Final Verdict-

Ted Lasso came to us at a time when we needed it the most- a time when constant lockdowns and quarantines had us feeling low. It was shows like Ted Lasso that made a living alone bearable, and we can’t wait to feast our eyes on its new season.

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