Student, a retired firefighter, charged in U.S. Capitol riots

Before Biden’s inauguration ceremony, the federal authorities arrested a retired firefighter and a fashion student. According to the FBI and court documents, both of them have been charged for the riots in the US Capitol.

As per the local press, Nicolas Moncada is a 20-year-old, learning fashion designing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The authorities arrested him from his home in Staten Island early on Monday, the FBI said. He came into the light when the school contacted the FBI regarding a post shared on social media, in which Moncada can be seen inside the Capitol.

The Thomas Sweeney of Freeport, New York is also charged on Monday for the storming. However, till then he wasn’t in the yet in custody, an FBI spokeswoman said. Sweeney, 53, retired from the New York Fire Department in October, local media reported.

In the Capitol incident, thousands of people stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and tried to stop Congresspersons from validating the Democrat Biden’s victory over Republican President Donald Trump.

In the investigation, the Federal authorities have registered criminal charges against more than 100 people. As they have identified for the ransacking of Capitol offices and attacking the police officers. In the rampage, five people died in the melee, including a Capitol Police officer.

They arrested Leo Kelly from Iowa on Monday, when a video interview posted online described him as “one of the first men to break the Capitol building and go inside with dozens of others,” according to a court document.

As per the court documents, now he will face unlawful entry and disorderly conduct charges.

Among the 10 people arrested over the weekend was Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, of Colts Neck, New Jersey, a U.S. Army Reserves member who works as a Navy contractor with a “secret” security clearance and access to weapons, court documents said.

As stated by a secret informant, Hale-Cusanelli was “an avowed white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer” who posts online videos espousing extreme political opinions.